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Nov 13 12 10:11 PM

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Wondering which chickens to cull this year?  I just read that 
the chicken that takes the longest to molt is usually not 
a good layer. Since it is feather dropping season for many chickens 
you might want tp keep an eye on your hens. The girls who wear the new dresses first are the keepers.

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Nov 15 12 10:14 AM

Nancy's chickens aren't laying and I love chicken noodle soup. I have thought about cut ones head off and putting in the chicken yard. From 10 chickens she is getting 1 of 2 eggs. I don' know if it is the day light problem of what. It seems to early for the sun problem.


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Nov 15 12 5:43 PM

My 8 old hens and 2 young ones are giving me 2 or 3 eggs a day. The old 
girls are dropping feathers all over the place. Every year I have to buy eggs to do holiday baking.
Along about January they start up again. 

I have 3 young Buff Orpington roosters if anyone is interested. Otherwise they are
going to freezer camp. They would make nice breeders….but they also taste good 

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