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Oct 3 12 10:24 PM

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I signed up a bit of time ago, and am just getting around to spending time here.

I moved here in March and am leasing a small sugar plantation cottage in Papa'aloa. After working 7 days a week any 8 - 12 hours I wanted, the lifestyle change has taken awhile to become comfortable. And that is one of the reasons I came, I think! Truth is, moving here just happened! Packed up the 2 cats, personal belongings and presto. 

Sustainable has always seemed unattainable to me. I guess I never made the time to make it happen.
I have a small garden, there is quite an assortment of fruit trees here. I spend my money as locally as I can, & am learning to eat with a whole food perspective (a lifetime of abuse). I'm looking forward to having chickens, for eggs, and caring for bees. The rabbits I've read about here today have a real attraction for me, too. I'm not a young woman, so getting things done, require moving at a slower pace than I would like. The cottage is on city water, and everything is on the grid.

As I become more in tune with the aina, I will look for someplace to live more permanently and have the desire to go in the Honokaa direction.

I am right where I am supposed to be and every morning when I wake, I am grateful for the opportunity to be here. I am looking forward to meeting you all and hope that with my limited experience there will still be some way for me to give back.


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