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Aug 17 12 10:23 AM

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Hello, My name is Nicolas, I am 64 yrs old. Making the move from LA to Baltimore MD and now to retire in  Pahoa in Sep.
Have a 1/4 acre in the Ainaloa subdivision and completely confused in what to do with it. At first, was going to buy a Argus kit home & build it.( Yes I can do it,  know all stages in construction.)  At this point even a Yurt maybe ?  In the meantime  hope to find a place to stay in exchange of my services & low fees and lay low for a spell. With more input & time there I can make far better moves. But for now I can  truly really appreciat good pointers 

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Aug 18 12 3:29 AM

Yurts were designed for the Mongolian steppes which isn't really the climate of Ainaloa.  It's easy enough to get a kit home or design one yourself if you have much building experience.  You can pull an "owner builder" permit and do all the construction yourself with the exception of the electrical and plumbing.

It's easier to build in Puna than in MD since there's no frost line to deal with.  You want loads of ventilation and large (think huge) roof eaves to keep the sun off the sides of the house.  A stark white roof will do a lot to keep the whole house cool, too.  When looking at the ventilation, not only consider cross ventilation but vertical ventilation as well.  If the house is up on post and pier, you can put vents in the floor to bring cooler air up from under the house and if there are vents up near the roof the hot air can escape.

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Aug 18 12 8:34 PM

There are quite a few Yurts in Puna. My relative lives in one 
and says it is pretty efficient . It keeps the rain out , lets the light in,
and when the sides are up lets a lot of air inside. A Yurt with a sturdy floor
and a nice size deck  makes a good home for one or two people. He recommends building a cooking
area and bathroom with shower outside unless you have a really big Yurt .

The only problem he sees is that it has to be washed outside 
every few months since it tries to grow mold.

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Aug 29 12 12:48 PM

Hello buffychick, sorry in not getting to you bk sooner, but was getting ready to go, I will be getting in Pahoa around the 5 of september after over a 26 hour flight from Baltimore MD to N Carolina to San Diego  to LAX to honolulu aroud 10;PM & wait nest morning to Hilo, no wonder it only cost me $400 oh well fun fun .   Right now I am having problems in choosing size of Yurt & maker. so many options, Can you ask your relatives on some pointers in what is a must have= like more than two windows , size of wall , insulation, thicker material, thanks 

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Sep 4 12 11:36 AM

chooks, Thank you very much for the info !!
 I think I might have to build a Argus home kit after all, ( pass on the Yurt idea ) I was hopping to avoid the time to build, contacting people for the  Septic System, maybe clear the land, electricians ect ect .  In the meantime I might try out Hedonisia Community Fair Tradre Volunteer Program and learn about sustainable life, right now I am stuck in San Diego, coming from Baltimore, will be here a few, will get there mallana 

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Sep 5 12 1:46 AM

As Islandnotes mentioned in a different post, if you'd be able to rent a place in the same sub-division for a bit first, you'll be able to make a much better decision.  There are just so many things that will change your outlook that several months from now, your decisions will be a lot different.  Also, since where you live does influence so much of your life, making the best choice is important.

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Sep 6 12 10:19 AM

Personally, I'd not recommend yurts. They're pretty expensive really, you've got security problems with keeping your stuff inside, and falling trees can be a headache. Yurts are designed for mobile living in a steppe climate, and there they are obviously excellent, especially coupled with solid fuel fires inside to keep the mold problems down.

I doubt either that building makes sense at this moment unless one has very particular needs, as there's a lot of stuff around that can be had inexpensively, and you're not starting at zero.

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Sep 6 12 1:03 PM

Yep , Gave the your idea a good adios,right  ( yurt) now I did find a room for rent in Eden rock,  I do need to buy or build something now ,  building a home  for my needs I can spend around 45,000 = 5, clearing land 10 ,for septic, 5, cachment  system , rest  of the 25 for the home .  the problem is so far I can not find a home around that price.  Thank you for getting bk to me

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Sep 6 12 5:22 PM

If you care to do the native, and fast diminishing, Ohia forest a favor, choose an already bulldozed piece of land. You'll be up 5k and with all the flatness you desire. There are lots to choose from.
Eden Roc

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