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Aug 27 12 6:11 PM

Physical distance does matter or maybe it's a topography distance or at least a huge elevation change.  Hmm, 42 miles into Hilo on relatively flat terrain, then another twenty miles uphill?  Sixty miles one way and the carrying capacity isn't much on a bicycle.  If it were flat terrain, it would be much different.  With that sort of distance & elevation change between, we aren't going to be going over to each other's house to help for small projects.  If I have extra produce, it's not economical nor sustainable for me to give it to anyone on the forum since they are too far away.  However, I can give them advice on how to grow their own produce, that's sustainable.  At least until the power goes out and we are all too broke to afford a monthly internet fee.

Demonstrating sustainable living is going to be different depending on each different person.  We can at least figure out differing ways of less consumerism, even if we don't actually achieve true sustainability.

I'm not sure about ethical or moral or whatever, for me the whole sustainability thing is more economical than anything else.  Making and making do is a lot less expensive than retail.