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Aug 2 12 8:30 PM

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I am looking for some regular tea plants. (Not Ti ) 
I want to grow some that will make black tea when dried.
Willing to pay for several plants if anyone has any.

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Aug 2 12 10:14 PM

Hi June,

I have plenty of keiki under a big mother of a tea plant. I know eden roc is a ways from you, but you are most welcome to some anytime, plus it would be nice to see you if you can travel this far.


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Aug 4 12 12:24 AM

Thanks Darren that sounds great. My car is in the shop right now waiting on a part 
from Michigan. Maybe I can make it up there in a couple of weeks.
Chooks I wouldn't mind a trip to Eden Rock but the South Point Hike is an all day event
and in August that's not much fun. Thanks for the offer though. Maybe you can go with me later
on when my car is fixed.

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