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Jul 12 12 11:36 PM

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Early on in this forum, some of us considered development of alternative currency to be a high priority. And yet, in reality, and for reasons open to various interpretations, it was something destined to not be realized -- at the time. Still, as our times evolve, or de-evolve, we may again visit this idea for very practical reasons. The attached podcast is a very good discussion concerning this matter:

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Jul 13 12 12:12 PM

I listened to that yesterday and it sounds great in their case. I think having a dentist and doctor involved would be a big motivator in getting others involved. Otherwise it's hard for me to understand the motivation of doing business with someone other than who I already am handing cash to. For a currency to be affective you have to have a current and i think with a group with such a large geographical spread (such as ours, even on island) it's difficult to have frequent enough transactions to generate a current. I'd love to see a neighborhood currency (eden roc, fern forest,etc...) but that would require an organized community effort that isn't already a naturally occurring phenomena. How small of a scale could a local currency be and be effective? Like let's say a small group (10?) of skilled individuals decide to trade skills/time/value added products on a scheduled basis (x number of transactions a week/month) and maybe transactions equate to a bonus so there's an extra incentive to be active. And once established and functioning a greater number of people could be invited to join. ?

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Jul 13 12 12:51 PM

You make some good points. Also, your comments regarding a subdivision currency cause me to consider the remarkably unconnected 1000 people who live in Eden Roc alone. A currency to propagate that current that you mention could perhaps work in a backwards sort of way, if ya dig. Anyway, raps about "community currency" seem to be useful from the sort of analogs and metaphors they provide for connectivity -- at this point. It certainly suggests the potential resource of community radio (of various scale). To fantasize a bit, whereas I get up and listen to NPR (seriously compromised viewpoint) and maybe Democracy Now (way not locally connected), how would it be to have a local radio "current" from say just 7am-9am, that would entail much of the forthcoming events -- work and otherwise -- of the day. And with call-in capability; rideshare, childcare, food barter, exchange of all kinds. It's so sensible, and yet, so obviously unsupported by the government (we ain't talkin' broadband here), that such "radical fantasy" sort of exposes the system and how it operates in centrality; keeping those in the hinterlands marginalized. Dunno, I got a lotta fish to fry at this point, and won't be spearheading such alternate "currents" anytime soon. But who knows? Changing tides have a way of getting even sleeping peoples' attentions.

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Jul 13 12 1:18 PM

CB would work great but not very many people have CB's anymore but 
everyone has an AM/FM  radio. There used to be  a "Pirate" radio station in 
Puna at one time. (Not connected with the pirates on this forum) I think Pirate radio is 
more difficult  to do these days. 

A 2 meter ham radio would also
work but again most people do not have Ham radios.
I am not sure what all a scanner picks up since they have changed a lot in the last few years.
Perhaps a scanner could pick up CB and /or ham transmissions. I think there are more scanners than CB's out there now.

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#5 [url]

Jul 13 12 1:18 PM

Concerning hardware and such, this is where the 'appropriateness' of the technology comes into play. So for instance, one could make a case that a Twitter feed could provide this connectivity, from an information standpoint, and from the current reality that seemingly everyone and their brother is staring into their smartphone throughout the day. And in the CB-paradigm that you raise, well, no one really has the hardware and compelling people to add yet another layer of gadgetry onto their trip probably ain't gonna happen. What seems appropriate about friggen' radio, is one, it's ubiquity, two, it's mature technology. Also, I tend to equate 'phoning' (i.e. hearing the humanity in our voices as something worth preserving, for various 'authentic' reasons). Dunno, I wouldn't want to project my proclivity for having come into the world with big ears. But nonetheless, if I could get edifying, joyous, funky, and good work-promoting sounds through a shitty little radio, I'd gladly sever my digital collar to this iSuckGlobalEnergyContigentUponSlavery - gadget. (Hey! That could be a catchy name for Apple's next innovation!)

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#8 [url]

Jul 13 12 2:01 PM

Ryerro, I agree with that BUT, I believe CB has  real distance limitations.
If you went with a 2 meter Ham radio you could talk all around the 
island and often by way of the repeaters , all over the state. You 
need a license to talk  on Ham but listening is ok.

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#12 [url]

Jul 14 12 11:40 AM

About twenty years ago, CB was the only method of communication for the back ends of the subs like Hawaiian Acres, Fern Acres, Eden Roc, Fern Forest, etc.  Phone lines hadn't gone back that far yet and there wasn't the option for cellphones or satellite.  If you mount your base station antenna up above the trees, you'll get a much longer range.  Messages were also relayed if two folks were outside of each other's ranges but there was someone in the middle.

CB and amateur radio is interesting since you get into group chats instead of a one-to-one chat.  This function is missing when you're using telephones.  Although, the flip side is that having a truly private conversation doesn't happen often on air.

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#13 [url]

Jul 14 12 12:56 PM

Still, I reckon that the resourcefulness of such communication would be exponentially greater to be able to assemble the peeps, as in how a lot of us would listen to Mynah Bird if for no other reason that call-ins happened so local context determined the content (albeit as something of a sideshow to provide listener base for adverts, and as such the political climate of the sponsors need be upheld, etc.)  It would be a real quantum leap in beneficial community connections to have community radio serving this island. Wouldn't it be nice if a forward-looking benefactor, or government would recognize this, in our further austerity, for the public health issues it would benefit? Again, if people, or institutions would have the temerity to consider this bullshit, why it would at least allow the public to assess the integrity of that political stance. 

Then again, no one can bust your chops for getting to know more of your neighbors (well, except for your neighbor, I s'pose...and they probably want more connection too...after they shed the fear that's been foisted upon them) [Yes. ...foisted. Quite enjoyed using that word. It'd been too long.]

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#14 [url]

Jul 15 12 1:45 PM

If you want community radio, then build one or put one in yourself.  You may have to take a test and get a license and have a limited range, but I don't think it is illegal if you follow a few steps.  May not be profitable, but it might be fun.  Otherwise, get a group of CBs and let everyone chat with each other.  If everyone knows who everyone is, they have a tendency to be more civil to each other.  That's one of the big differences between amateur radio and CB, the amateur folks identify themselves by their call sign which is in a national database so you can find out exactly who you are talking to, even if they are thousands of miles away.  They are much more polite to each other than the CB folks.

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#15 [url]

Jul 21 12 1:47 PM

It's probably best to work through pod cast as that's the "appropriate technology" of the moment and the presence of streaming smartphones is pretty widespread.

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#16 [url]

Jul 22 12 3:08 AM

Other than some sort of technological device or community currency, see about getting various groups to meet for face time.  As you get folks meeting face to face, they will work things out between them so you won't need to build a radio system or devise community currency.  Start a book club, quilting group, farmer's market, garden club, chess club even, just start getting groups of folks meeting face to face and pretty soon they will all be networked together.  How about a community barbeque?  Community potluck?  Weekly croquet games.  Just any reason and multiple ones if possible to get folks together in groups.  Then you'll have community, bartering, folks networking and all sorts of good things.

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