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Jun 24 12 5:17 PM

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I just like the colored eggs. The chicks don't have to be super little and cute, older and hardier works too. Thanks.

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Jun 24 12 11:27 PM

No terms, she was donated to us, and we're thinning the whole flock as we've got too many and it's a bit of pandemonium. Just treat her well and let us know where to deliver. 

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Jun 25 12 10:37 AM

blue finn! awesome name. free chicken and free delivery?! happy monday! Tomorrow afternoon would work for me - you? I'm in Keaau - I'd be happy to come pick her up to save you the trouble. :)

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Jun 25 12 11:16 AM

I am not sure about tomorrow...
I do however drive through keauu Thursday and friday am around 715 if u would like to meet at the shopping plaza parking?
Otherwise maybe Wednesday afternoon?

Yes she is a dear, sorry to see her go but as mentioned we have too many!!

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Jun 26 12 1:09 PM

Sure I'll park and likely run in to food lands prior. Silver car, tall, brunette... Wait a minute- easy peasy- how many proplewill b holding a chicken?!?!;)

see u then! Please lmk via post if it's a no go-

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Jun 26 12 1:11 PM

Could we make it later? 730 or 745? Np either way plmk

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Jun 27 12 8:06 AM

Could u send me a pm with best way to contact u? Email or phone? I only do iPhone w forum so I am unable to reply to pm directly but I can read and reply via phone or email. Thx!

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Jun 27 12 11:04 PM

aw geez - what's a pm? i don't have one of those phones you pet yet. email me at - i'll give you my number and we can work out the details ol' skool kine. i'm excited to meet blue finn - do I need to bring anything to put her in? I'll be in a blue truck - tall brunette with glasses and a smirk. 745 is good too.

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Jun 28 12 1:21 AM

A "PM" is Private Message.  That's when you click on the member's name written in blue next to their avatar and then on the next page select "Send a Private Message" in the blue banner near the top of the page.  What you write and send is then sent to only that person and not the whole forum.  That way your private email address isn't displayed for everyone to see in a public forum.

I did like the description of "one of those phones you pet yet".  Bwahahahaha!  Sounds spot on!

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Jul 2 12 10:23 AM

thank you for explaining that - i am so full up with technology if i learn something new, something else has to go. hope i don't need "ctrl-alt-delete" any time soon.

and thanks again jay and ciel for the auracana hen! blue finn is assimilating nicely into her new flock. she must have a pleasant poultry personality, because she still has all her feathers, which is more than i can say for some of our more bitchy/slutty chickens.

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Jul 3 12 9:35 AM

So great to meet u! Glad blue Finn has some new friends:)
I have pebbles and spor, they are very pretty I think of them as dolce and gabana.
Also a white leg horn named tidy bowl that is an awesome layer too.

Hope we meet up again to talk story or chicken drop off.

I hear u on the tech side of things:)

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#16 [url]

Jul 8 12 12:02 PM

so we got 2 more auracanas, and i was naming them (stella & bayou) when i suddenly 'got' blue finn - that's hilarious! can't believe it just clicked now. oh well - i'm eventual. (finn is still fine, btw).

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