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Jun 3 12 9:55 PM

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I would like to buy a Silkie rooster if anyone has one.
My two silkie hens would keep him happy .

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Jun 4 12 10:35 PM

Unfortunately ours got dogified. They're pretty cool little birds, and the roosters have personality and are interesting little kung-fu warriors. "Shmoo" was smart enough not to mess with Thor, but would attempt to get it on with the buff hens when Thor was off being territorial. They didn't appreciate it much and he ended up with adventures that looked more like rodeo than passion. One of them replied his kung-fu with proper ju-jitsu and dragged him off to a mud puddle where she proceeded to near drown him. That pretty well chilled him out.

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Jun 14 12 7:32 PM

I discovered a wonderful Nursery in Paradise Park. It is called Vintage Green and has a nice website
and blog. The two guys who run it have really done a nice job landscaping the area.
I went there and bought a few plants. They had a Silkie rooster 
they wanted to get rid of so they gave him to me !

 Now my two Silkie hens are happy.
Of course "Son of Thor" , my Buff Orpington rooster, is not too happy having 
a new guy in the chicken yard.

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Jun 17 12 11:49 AM

No hurry! We have too many chickens! Selling mature hens for ten.
I just think the silkies r ridiculously cute!!!

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Jun 21 12 1:25 PM

Aloha Buffychick!  It's good to be back.  Alaska - in the summer - is a nice place to visit.  Doesn't seem to be anywhere I'd want to be in the winter!   Didn't see a single chicken while we were up there, guess there's too many predators who like the taste of chicken.

How many eggs can a silkie set on?  If you added the Buffy eggs now, perhaps they'd start setting sooner.  Once they get enough is when they start, isn't it? 

How long did you have your silkie rooster before they started saving eggs to sit on?  Doesn't it take ten days or two weeks before the eggs would be fertile?  Do you think they would be Buffy/Silkie crosses?

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