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Mar 15 12 9:24 AM

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A few nights ago I received a call from this guy . Beware his scam .

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Mar 18 12 10:49 AM

First a woman, whose first language was Spanish, came on line and gave me her  talk about my computer infecting 
 "other computers all over the world" . I kept saying  " What , What ?"
So she gave me to her supervisor so he could "explain it to me".
He sounded like he was in India and said he was calling from Miami.
He tried his best to convince me my computer had a virus that was doing 
bad things to computers all over the world. (His name was Mac) He was not
very nice.

So when I finally dropped it on him that I had a Mac He said, " What ? I am Mac."   Finally I spelled it out  and told him I had an Apple , MacIntosh , Mac computer and did NOT have any Microsoft
software on it.  He then said, " Oh I must have made a mistake and hung up "
I traced the call and it came from Washington state not Miami . 

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Mar 18 12 3:32 PM

The other answer would be that you didn't have a computer at all.  I think if they should ever call here, I will tell them that my computer is an Atari or something totally archaic, providing I tell them anything at all.  The other fun thing to do is to tell that that for their security this call will be monitored and ask for a call back number in case the security folks cut off the call.

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