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Mar 7 12 12:51 PM

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My washer is kapoot and my dryer is just plain ugly since I painted it with a spray can.

I bought them both used from someone on craigslist.

I'd really love to get the front loaders; they're on sale at home depot right now.

I need to run them on my generator though. Just wondering if anyone is running their front loaders on their genny? My genny has enough watts/amps for both but I'm concerned about the computerization of these units, of course.

I called LG and they said people do it all the time in Florida, Texas etc.....but, ya know!

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Mar 7 12 4:56 PM

The weather here eats washers and driers. Go to Smiths used appliances  in Hilo.
They buy military housing used appliances and  refurbish them. Most go for
$100 to $150 each.  I gave away one recently that I had for 18 years . It was still going but sounding strange.  We have bought several for a relatives rental house.
All were great machines.

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