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Feb 21 12 2:18 PM

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If you want to set up a sustainable fiber source, we have a premium source available!  10% discount to forum folk!

The fiber business on this island is expanding.  There is a growing demand for hand spun fibers and yarn from these bunnies commands a premium price.  However, if you don't want to spin the fiber into yarn, I will buy the clean fiber brushed from these bunnies for $5 per ounce.  They make about a pound or more of fiber in a year so, a year's worth of fiber will pretty much pay for a pedigreed show bunny.  You can have a livestock "pet" and make a little side money by gathering the fiber from these bunnies to sell or spin the fiber for yarn for yourself.  I occasionally have bunnies who aren't show quality and those are sold for less as "fiber" bunnies.  If you want to set up a fiber business, those might be an option you'd prefer.

They like to eat ti leaves, banana leaves, guinea grass, vegetable tops and all sorts of other green stuff.  They also like bunny pellets which is an easier feed source.

This is a sustainable project where you have a market already in place for your product.  Get a new "pet", save the fiber brushed, plucked or shorn from the bunny and sell it for money.  Basically, you need a secure place to keep the bunnies, a comb, brush and a jar to put the fiber in.  That's some pretty easy business start up requirements.  These bunnies can also be trained to use a litter box, if you want a house bunny.

Oh, they also produce fertilizer.  This raised bed garden was started after Christmas and the fertilizer used was "bunny berries":

Beets from Bunny Berries!  How much more sustainable can you get?  And this is just since early January!  Wait until the garden really gets going.

Send me a PM or email if you have any questions about adding bunnies to your sustainable homestead.  Bunnies also work in a town environment since they are quiet and don't take up much space at all.

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May 19 12 3:14 PM

We have more baby bunnies!  Yay!  We are taking reservations on Trinity x City Slicker's newest litter.  They were born yesterday and there are five agouti colored ones and three solid colored ones.  They will probably be black, although it is still possible that one or two might be blue when they grow up.

We also have some babies still available from Maile x Sherman's litter.  They are six weeks old now and will be ready for new homes in several weeks.  

When these baby black rabbits get older, their wool will be a gray color since the melanin dilutes as the hair shaft gets longer.  It spins up to a lovely clear gray color.
But you can tell they are black rabbits since that's the color of their nose.

And for folks who want older bunnies, we have three older bucks available.  One agouti buck who is from a Trinity x Dozer litter - he has great wool density and would make a great show rabbit.  

If you want him with a pedigree, he is $65 ($10 discount to forum folks)  Without a pedigree, he's $45 (10% discount).

There is also a black buck, Hillside Pepper, who is the same price and is about seven months old now.  He's got a great wool texture.  
If you want him with a pedigree, he is $65 ($10 discount to forum folks)  Without a pedigree, he's $45 (10% discount).

And a white buck from Maile x Neo

If you want him with a pedigree, he is $65 ($10 discount to forum folks)  Without a pedigree, he's $45 (10% discount).

We buy back the fiber from these critters at $5 per ounce and we also have spinning lessons if you want to learn how to spin their wool into yarn.  We can sell the yarn for you, too.

We are also looking for other fiber sources.  If you happen to have fleeces from woolly sheep (not hair sheep) or Hawaiian cotton, let us know.

More bunny pictures as well as their genetic color code (so you can try to guess what color babies they would have) are at:  

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Oct 3 12 12:03 AM

Thanks, Buffers!  Lots of yarn fiber and bunnies were sold, but there's still some left.  All the bunnies listed above have gone to new homes, but we have some new ones since then.  We still buy angora fiber at $5 per ounce, too.  The fiber industry on the island is growing slowly but it is growing.

For that matter, Buffers sold more than I did.  Apparently knitted items sell better than just mere yarn.

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Oct 23 12 9:51 PM

Chooks and Buffers, and any new crafty pirates I haven't met yet...
The Christmas Craft Fair at Hilo Coffee Mill still has spots. It's on Nov 12th.  It'll be completely roofed over this year (yay).  Not sure if y'all want to pool resources & sell at the event.  Booth fees are very reasonable ($50, $60 and $100) and you can share one booth for multiple vendors.  I can post the details if anyone is interested.


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Oct 24 12 12:46 AM

Aloha Buffers! Yes, one day only. Here are the details:
We're still have room for vendors with Made In Hawaii items for our Christmas in the Country - Hawaii Art's & Crafts Fair on November 12th. Applications can be filled out online at 
or email us at This is a benefit for the Carousel of Aloha and promises to be lots of fun. Last year we had over 1000 people attend. This year we hope to top that. The Fair will be under our new, covered 8,000 sq ft solar roof.

-Benefit for Carousel of Aloha, a 501(c)(3) Hawaii Non-Profit
-Dynōmite Food
-Photo Opps with Carousel figures
-Solar Covered 8000 square feet vendor 
-Plenty of parking
-Beautiful Hawaii Made Crafts
-Raffles all day long
-Located in Mt View at Hilo Coffee Mill

More information available on our Facebook page

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Oct 24 12 12:18 PM

it's Veterans Day observed, so fed holiday :) I did a double take on the date too !

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