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Jan 3 13 11:19 AM

I predict eventually I'll get my internet functional, get over this miserable cold, and catch up on all these loose ends. . . how's that for optimistic? LOL. Stay well. The cold floating around out there is a bugger.

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Jan 4 13 3:19 PM

I predict a pharma company will rush to patent the process responsible for this for marketing to persons who would find such a condition desirable.  I understand there is currently a drug marketed that stimulates eyelash growth despite some significant risks.  

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Jan 5 13 6:46 AM

The anthropogenic extinction event will become noticeable by 2020 and peak in 2034.  It won't matter to me - I am already 65.  

My 80,000 gallon aquaponics farm will be built out and undergoing functional testing within a month or so if we can get a few sunny days in a row.  The last six tanks are on the ground but not yet assembled and painted and the liners have arrived. We hope to be fully self-sufficient sometime in March, maybe April.  It's been a long road, but now it's just assembling it.

We still need to build covers for the tanks, have another day of D4 work done and get the fence up.  The chickens are fat and happy and producing eggs and fertilizer. 

The government has kicked the can down the road once too often and the economy is going to tank. Gold and silver will not go up -  How are you going to spend a $2500 ounce of gold?  Most people under forty have never even SEEN silver or gold so they'd only take it at face value.  About half the 'trade' or 'bullion' gold in the marketplace is counterfeit anyway.  That little 'Certificate of Authenticity' which cost 6 cents to print has no legal standing - and you can't tell the difference without destructive testing or an x-ray machine.  

People will instead barter food and hard goods and still keep using dollars as IOUs.  The government is still talking about making a hundred or so 1 TRILLION dollar platinum coins.  They can.  It's legal.  Bad idea, though.

Puna has a pretty good barter infrastructure now.  You can trade what you grow for what someone else grows.  We are all organic.  Of course raw milk and some oils (palm, macnut) are not legal for human consumption, but they trade anyway as animal food.

It's pretty easy to distill fermented fruit to make ethanol for fuel and alcohol stoves.  It can be made potable, but it's illegal and so far the fuel is more useful. The REAL locals have been making it for a hundred years.

The cost of everything will increase by 5 to 10% in 2013.  Some of it because of the weather, which destroyed much of the midwest crops. Fuel costs will increase substantially.  Feral pigs are taking over the island.  Get used to people shooting them to keep them out of the backyard vegetables.  No worries, though.  One of your neighbors has a smoker.  'Smoke meat' trades very well and is delicious.  I draw the line at meal worms, but chickens love them and they are easy to grow.  They ARE edible.  Google for 'meal worm recipes'.

At some point we are going to have to stop fighting wars on 'terror' - no one I know is the least bit terrorized - and 'drugs'.  We need to take care of our citizens before we give trillions in aid to every other country in the world.  Giving them all military aid (read weapons) makes no sense at all, but doing so at the expense of Americans is just wrong.

Fukushima is still poisoning the world and we will see more nuclear accidents.  The plants are past their design lives.  The problem though, isn;t that we don't have enough energy.  It's that we have too many people.  When we get MORE energy online, it does't matter how 'clean' it is - it will allow more food to be produced and that will spike the population - and then we will need more energy.  That cycle is not sustainable.  We are creating a 'Venus syndrome' on earth and we can't stop ourselves.

The earth will stop us, sooner rather than later.

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#46 [url]

Jan 5 13 8:12 PM

tc , what an interesting comment. I hope you will be visible on the forum more often !

I pretty much agree with most of your predictions.

Would love to see your aquaponics system . You are welcome to come up
and see our small set up anytime. Ours is a backyard  aquaponics system set
up to feed about 4 people and several chickens. It has been up and going for a couple of years but 
we are still learning. 

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Jan 19 13 1:34 PM

Canada checks in on environmental collapse.[url]


It is interesting that such notions are becoming progressively mainstream. The question I have is what behavior most people will adopt once we're there.

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#52 [url]

Jan 22 13 5:54 AM

Jay, and all, allow my response here of what I would do be just one example to help answer that question...  Or, if for no other reason, let it be entertainment. smile

Avoiding a fearful attitude is in all cases the first order of business.  I would work to continue to adopt, rather, one of awareness, understanding and acceptance.  Although part of the human psyche, living in fear is no way to live.  Environmental and economic disaster or not, living in service of fear is simply not living.
The ethics and morality of the people that surround me then come.  Having resources a plenty is a mute point if your neighbor is the one who will not question shooting you to empty your pantry in desperation.  Who surrounds you is ultimately uncontrollable to anyone, anywhere but, would become a strong consideration in increasing difficulty.
The climate models that I have seen predict a warmer and wetter, albeit more volatile Pacific Northwest.  A climate that will still be productive..... 
If the well pump fails and the water coop. reservoirs dry up, I am surrounded by many year round artesian springs that will likely keep flowing.  When my backpacking filter fails, there is plenty of downed wood to make charcoal filtration if needed.  Beyond the needs of Kim, Toby, and I, this is something I would gladly share....
In spite of my continuous strive (and enjoyment!) to sustainably increase what can be grown on this little two acres, it will likely never be sufficient for the three of us.  Aside from hobby and education I have not needed to rely on the deer, rabbit, squirrels, dandelion, dock, fern fiddleheads, mushrooms, truffles, acorns, blackberries, elder berries, currants, salal, miner's lettuce, sorrel, etc. that grow in the vicinity of this little plot.  I would rely on and develop the related skills more.... 
This little house has the ability to stand for the rest of my life, and so, the shelter front would likely be handled.
In terms of health care, I have a good grasp of how to remain healthy from a holistic sense and minimally rely on the medical system anyways.  That said, in the lack of that medical system to set a broken bone or stitch up a gash, I would adopt the mentality that I use when camping in the Wallowas or Frank Church Wilderness.  "Derl, there is noone around you for a very very long ways.  Be careful what you decide to climb and where that next step lands...."

For now, when the luxury allows, considering Hawaii and possibly other tropical areas for living, seems a wise and enjoyable thing.



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