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Jan 8 12 9:52 PM

I would certainly invite the conversation about the role of "money, currency, and finance" within a sustainable society. I'm pretty unsatisfied with the level of comprehension I often encounter and think the issue is important, and we can-- and need to-- do better.

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Jan 8 12 10:06 PM

I was reflecting on this. As our predictions are so tied to our world veiw and maybe something more. A friend of mine, who worked in the bond markets and was layed off, said she might get yoga certification to teach as a back up.

So perhaps it's not only world veiw, it's peer behavior and the allure of new healthful utopian possibilities that many people seen to think r possible once we go through this bad patch. Who knows?

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#23 [url]

Jan 8 12 10:33 PM

Our worldview does color everything we perceive.  One of the best reasons for folks in groups is being able to get differing ideas and viewpoints.  Which is also why we need dissidents, if everyone has the same worldview (veltanschaung, I think is the German word for it)  then there aren't any new ideas showing up.

Most of the folks I know who have a lot of money use the money to work for them.  There's saving which is hard since conservation of wealth has to offset inflation.  If the money is invested, then it increases on it's own or buys something which increases.  Kinda like buying a dozen eggs, hatching them, raising the hens and selling eggs, although there's inputs other than the initial investment along the way.  

What sort of good investments are there for the not-so-wealthy?  We can only make so much if we are working on a per-hour basis.  We need to either get some sort of income from other people's work which seems morally unpleasant.  Or have something we can rent to folks to make money, properties, heavy equipment, etc.  Or invest in stocks and bonds although then folks we don't know are making decisions and choices we don't know anything about which affects the value of our investments.

If someone had $5,000 to invest, what could they do with it?  If they had $10,000?  What can they buy or invest in that will create more wealth?

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Jan 9 12 5:03 PM

Aloha all!

I already made back my mine bucks by reading this thread.  Whoda thunk there was that much ongoing intelligence in HPP?  Or that I would tap into it?

I (and probably everyone here as well) have become as self-sufficient as possible within our means. But this group sounds to me like a collective of extraordinary people - by which I mean forward-thinkers - and can undoubtedly stretch those means.  

Thanks to jwfitz for inviting me here.  I hope I can prove to be a productive associate.  I'd be willing to pontificate on why resources put into food production and hard goods is going to be better spent than on precious metal if that is still a question in anyone's mind.

a hui hou

My ramblings are at or  Sorry, I don't proofread.  The errors are mine alone.

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Jan 10 12 2:04 PM

You guys have it all wrong.   2012 is when the Maya calendar ends ... but not till almost the end of 2012.

Maybe the Maya civilization is going to return.   Or maybe "they" themselves are not returning ...  Anyway...  What if....  Aliens came here to harvest us?  You know let us ripen up to basically consume all the "sustainable" resources from the planet to get the maximum people on it before we kill ourselves off by global warming, wars, etc...etc...  So as soon as the human race reaches the tipping point...Maybe 10 Billion?  They will be coming back to check on their "crop"  :) 

While I don't know what's going to happen, I guess if I had to predict who will hold the presidential seat, I think Obama will remain.   But not like it's gonna change anything.  Even if Mr Paul got in.  I doubt anything will change since the house and senate are still split. 

But I know what I want to happen!    Lot's of Luck, laughter, good times for everyone here!  :D


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Jan 11 12 6:05 PM

Not to pile on the doom and gloom but...

Hints of what a modern-day depression would look like, courtesy of;
"As Greece implements austerity measures and the unemployment rate sky rockets, its people have lost the ability to engage in traditional commerce because, simply put, they have no tangible income or money to do so. As a result, a barter society is emerging all over Greece, making it possible for some people to directly exchange labor for consumptive goods and service. As currencies collapse, financial market destabilize and economies come to a standstill, critical supplies like food and medicine become difficult to acquire at any price. This is what is now happening in Greece. Access to life-saving drugs and even common over-the-counter medicines like aspirin is becoming a tragedy where the losses will be measured in lives."Consequences of Collapse; Greece...<<read the rest>>

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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#30 [url]

Jan 11 12 8:09 PM

Thanks Buffy, the link should work now.

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Feb 14 12 3:20 PM

"I found this short book highly informative, well structured and devastating in its conclusions. If you believe the substance of its claims, the world is in the hands of a group of mad men (Pentagon, White House, US secret services) who administer death and misery throughout a vast region, without a realistic objective and mired in a war without possible end. It is the stuff of nighmares. I hope the authors are wrong but I feel they are absolutely correct in their analysis." Epinions

I was there in the early 70s.  This book by Gould and Fitzgerald (not Jay!) is the real deal.

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#40 [url]

Jan 2 13 10:21 AM

I predict Cheetos will be in high demand in Colorado and Washington.

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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