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Oct 31 11 8:08 PM

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Happy Halloween !

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Nov 1 11 11:11 AM

There was intermittent rain here but they showed up in droves anyway.  Between 5:45 and 8:00 there were over 175 of them.  We had that many small bags of candy to give out as well as a big bowl of tootsie pops and those were all gone just before 8:00 pm.  Things had slowed way down by then, though, so I think that was most of them.

I think driving laws are suspended for Halloween.  Lots of cars brought kids into the neighborhood.  There were pickup trucks with piles of kids (well, people anyway, some of them were pretty old) on the tail gate.  One had a stroller or something with small wheels dragging behind the tailgate.  Probably it was used as a booty cart.  There were pick up trucks full of kids with the tail gate up.  There were golf carts dripping with kids.  ATVs with kids hanging all over them.  Kids on skateboards.  About all I didn't see were burros.  Everyone was driving nice and slow, though, so that was good.

A surprising amount of folks dressed up as nerds.  Loads of princesses - I mean just loads of 'em.  Not a prince charming in sight, though.  About the only memorable variation in princess costume for young females under the age of four was one mermaid and one devil.  Lots of spidermans, not too many batmans.  Quite a few in their high school sports uniform, I think either a practice got out or it was an easy costume.  Probably the genre which had the best costume overall were werewolves.  There weren't that many of them, but if they were a werewolf, their costume was good.  Zombies and dead brides, too.  Plus a few with no costume at all just cruising for candy.

They were very polite, they would almost invariably say "thank you".  At least the ones who weren't too shy and hiding behind mom.

It was a good Halloween, too bad we didn't have a pumpkin.  Maybe next year I'll have one grown or cut up a squash or something.

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Nov 1 11 1:01 PM

After 4 years of almost zero kids trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, they seemed to be out in droves last night, or at least that's what it sounded like. None came to our house though, probably because of our fence/gate, two noisy dogs, and the setback of our house. 

Like chooks, I almost wish we carved a pumpkin, especially after I saw this masterpiece, carved by my cousin's wife (below):

Click here to view the attachment

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Nov 1 11 5:56 PM

Perhaps in a down economy, one of the only ways kids can get candy is to trick or treat for it?  Do you suppose that had anything to do with it?

Pumpkins at sixty five cents a pound (or more) is one basic reason why we didn't have one to carve.  There weren't any left in the stores today, either.  I'd like one to make into pumpkin pie but may have to make do with sweet potatoes instead.

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Nov 1 11 10:55 PM

thanks, no i searched for 'carved pineapple' figuring someone out there had done it - and yeah, mainlanding until january - was just on island about 2 weeks ago maintaining the growth and planting more trees - we didnt get snow in the midwest - it's been in the 60's and sunny lately - we didn't get any tricks or treats, in my hood there's a pretty good chance that who ever might be knocking after dark is actually scary

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