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Sep 14 11 1:51 AM

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In part one of this one-hour conversation, Richard Heinberg, author of Peak Everything,The Party's Over and the newly publishedThe End of Growth joins James Howard Kunstler by phone to talk about peak oil, financial dysfunction, political convulsions and generational conflict. LINK TO AUDIO

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Sep 14 11 9:40 PM

Although I wish it could happen "on the ground", or at least through a lower, more accessible (more appropriate) level of technology (i.e. radio) -- these thoughtful, relatively honest dialogs would seem to have a powerful persuasion. And I don't see any reason why young people wouldn't look to such things to fill the void left by corrupt systems of schooling and their impact on critical thinking, etc. When you think about it, you realize how subversive dialog is to centralized manipulation, etc. (I'll be here all week!)

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Sep 14 11 10:34 PM

Hey Darren,

Careful when you wish for wish fulfillment. None of us are prepared.

Sill, I relate.

Hope to contribute some to the transition, personally,. We'll see.

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Sep 15 11 12:02 AM

a cell phone is pretty much a radio - take solace in the fact that you can get your message out there FOR FREE to the 5 billion people out there with cell phones - and post some dialogues!!!

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Sep 15 11 9:23 AM

Ryerro, I am glad to see I am not the only one following Kunstler.
I enjoy his podcasts. 

I come from the pre TV era when the radio was often on and talking in the
background as my mother cooked and cleaned and ran our boarding house.
During WW II men came from all over the country to Detroit to build
the machines of war in what had been the car factories. My parents turned
the upstairs into rooms for rent . My mother cooked two meals a day 
and cleaned the big 11 room house. The radio was company and 
entertainment for her as she worked. At night everyone sat around a huge 
radio in the living room and listened to various radio programs.

Today I click on my  computer and listen to radio programs from north Florida 
where I lived and worked for many years. Podcasts from Kunstler and others 
add to "my listening pleasure".  Often my ipod follows me into the garden 
and keeps me company.

We often forget how much things have changed and continue to change.

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Sep 15 11 10:43 AM

Do you ever listen to old time radio? Most of the shows are comedy but some are adventure and news of the 40-50. Do a search on OTR MP3. A lot are free( my price).


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