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Aug 12 11 7:55 PM

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Water witching is the 'art' of finding underground water 
using a dowsing rod. This thought to be 'woo woo' by many but 
I have in years past seen it work.

The traditional wood to use is peach but I am wondering if anyone here has tried local wood.
I have a neighbor who does not know where the water lines around her place are all located 
so we want to try water witching before doing a lot of random digging.

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Aug 12 11 9:43 PM

Up in the high country they used willow in a "Y" to find water and yes I have see it work. I don't know about here maybe too much iron in the lava. There they had iron pyrite it didn't work.


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Aug 13 11 8:33 AM

I too, have found water lines, in Illinois. That is what we are hoping to do here.
I know there is an aquifer about 200 feet down  so a well anywhere will work.
But these  water lines are old metal and not more than 8 feet feet from the surface .

Jay do you use the coat hangers cut into a Y like we did the peach branch?

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Aug 13 11 11:52 AM

Nope, it's bent at a 90 degree angle, a pair of them. The material doesn't matter at all. There's half a dozen different ways to do it.

So sure, the phenomenon is "real." Does it work? That's a very different question and takes a lot of training and trail and effort to personally get to the point where you're confident enough in "finding" something that you're will to sink a 20000 dollar well on the wiggle of some wires. There is a traditional protocol in training that takes a couple of weeks, which I know, and can lead a long way down that path, either answering that question yes or no. The most important thing is to be sure that one is not "finding" things that aren't there, or that you just want to be there.

Do I think it "works?" That depends what you mean. I think there's better ways to find old buried waterlines.

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Aug 13 11 6:01 PM

If the pipes are metal, how about using a metal detector?  There are at least two of them in the neighborhood that I know of.

If you are looking for pipes, generally they run in a straight line between the water meter out near the front of the lot and where the pipes enter the house.  Look underneath the house and see if you can see which corner the pipes come in at.  Looking at where most of the plumbing is in the house will also indicate where the pipes will be going to and from.  Then once you've found a part of the pipe, you can just follow where it points.

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