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Aug 7 11 2:59 PM

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if anyone comes across items ( say 10-30 forks) at yard sale etc i would be thrilled to reimburse.
i am looking for twenty or so forks, nothing fancy, don't even have to match but would like to have for holiday entertaining without using plastic.
or any cheapie ideas?  i am all ears;)

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Aug 16 11 8:07 PM

thanks for the forks!

Gotta say the tomotoes were divine! Just had a tasted harvarti cheese sandwhich w those wonderful tomoatoes!! Yummy!
Thanks a bunch!

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Nov 25 11 5:13 PM

Thank u bill and Nancy!!
We had 35 forks for thanksgiving dinner, amongst all the other uses- thinking solstice party? Spring?
Chooks, buff, hooli, island notes, what do u think?

Also I am looking to buy lavender grown on island. Any leads appreciated. Happy to pay cash.

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Nov 26 11 9:53 AM

How are you doing on plates?


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Nov 28 11 10:08 PM

Buffers, the links didn't work right.  One just showed a map of the whole island with many buttons for all sorts of different places.  

How often do you want the couple pounds of lavender?  Every week?  Once only?  Is that like a half bushel?  A gallon?  Leaves/branches?  I've planted three lavender plants, it will be awhile before they get all that big, though.  If they get as big as rosemary, then a pound will be easy.

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Nov 28 11 10:15 PM

A pound of lavender sachet buds only are about the size of gallon freeezer bag ziploc.
I could use it right away, maybe two and then see what I need in febuary.
Someone mentioned waimea farmers market? Frankly I'd rather call person directly( if I new who) rather than drive up for potentially nada.

Saw the 60 min peice on 16m in poverty, kinda hard to watch. Brave kids.

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Nov 29 11 12:37 AM

Lavender flower buds and not leaves, then?  Well, I just planted the three plants so it will be awhile before it makes flowers, especially flowers in that quantity.  I've noticed that not all lavender smells the same, some smell significantly better than others.

I've seen some patches of lavender around and there were some folks at a garage sale up in Waimea who had a pile of it in their yard, but I didn't get their number.   There are quite a few places that have a lot of lavender growing near them in Waimea, wouldn't your area have similar weather?  Paradise Plants sells lavender starts for around $2 each if you wanted to try and grow some.  Otherwise, it will be awhile but I've got some started here.  What are you going to do with the lavender?  Are you making soap?

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