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Jul 31 11 10:25 PM

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Haven't counted them yet, but I've heard some of you were interested. Purebred buff orpingtons from good stock.

3 bucks a piece!

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Aug 3 11 2:15 AM

Count me in for three little buffies!
Maybe you can throw in the cat for free if someone else wants chicks. You never know, someone may need a feline friend.

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Aug 4 11 5:47 PM

Awesome experience selling threechicks :)I all of sudden realized I knew quite a bit about chickens!
Very cool!

Chickens going to super capable lovely new home!

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Aug 5 11 2:45 AM

Thanks ciel, for our 3 little fuzzballs! They are safe and warm in a box with pine shavings and a 125watt heat lamp. I put a little water in there with some honey mixed in. Had to sequester the runty one in a high glass baking dish with shavings in it because the other two were pecking him. They can see each other through the glass and are huddled together sleeping.
Since these are my first chicks this is going to be a tough night to sleep through, I just can't stop watching them. Are they warm enough? Too cold? Bored? Thirsty?
I'll give a report tomorrow...

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Aug 5 11 1:37 PM

Are hot water bottles better than the heating lamp? My inclination is that no bright light at night time would be more peaceful. Has anyone tried both and had more success with one or other methods?
One has pasty butt so am doing the warm water rinse w/ a little olive oil, as recommended by chick- maiden, Ciel. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

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Aug 6 11 10:46 AM

More hatched last night I think they want to sing karoke-
they r chirping up a storm!

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Aug 6 11 11:12 AM

Got the water bottle out buffy, it's more that they r starting to pop like pop corn! We have 2 birds co clutching on like thirty eggs, another on ten ( she already hatched six) and a fourth on ten!!

@ Punafish- exactly! Chirp chirppie chirp chiro! Chicken karoke next time!

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Aug 7 11 3:04 PM

ah that is to bad buffy,   we have orders i think to tallying 15 in all, and likely there will b extra.

btb we have an adolescent son of thor rooster coming up the ranks who is going to need to be rehomed or soup potted if anybody is interested.

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Aug 7 11 3:09 PM

also buffy any experience with momma hen pecking at hatching chick? i wonderedif i startled the bird and she was trying to get little guy out to protect it from me?
looked like little guy was going bite it so i warmed it up and hatched it yesterday and it seems a little slowish but will be just fine:)

 o why do  i obsess over the behavior of a chicken?? i gotta get out more!

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Aug 8 11 2:08 PM

Gotta remember , Ciel, they don't really have much of a brain. They run on instinct and 
sometimes it doesn't work. I know with dogs once in awhile you will get a super mom,
an alpha female. She will do everything just right to raise those pups. 

Mine   proved she wasn't operating on a brain . She picked up a small pup sized ceramic duck and put it in with the pups and tried to nurse it !

Your hen is just being weird , like my dog.

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Aug 11 11 2:58 PM

Hey bill!

I can't pm via phone so I thought I'd just post- we have 8 chicks w ur name on them. Would had ten plus today but lost a few, due to unforseen circumstance. Hoping to have ten at weekend, or u r more than welcome to let us know if u want the eight now. They r perfect, eating and enjoying staying warm w bottle but turboing a bout during recess:)

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