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Mar 27 11 11:14 PM

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The open D tuning has been termed Sevastopol tuning and is lots of fun. For that matter, an open E is the same thing, up a note. Derek Trucks does beautiful things with that one.

Also, to drop that F# to the minor 3rd: F, makes for a nice D minor open tuning.

I had the pleasure to see the masterful Bob Brozman play up there at the KMC theater. He used all those, and threw in some other things too, heh.

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Mar 28 11 4:33 AM

Yup. I haven't seen Bob Brozman live, yet, but over the winter I've seen Makana, Jeff Peterson and Hapa at KMC;  John Keawe and Kuahiwis at the Volcano Park Visitor Center; Sonny Lim (and Jeff Peterson and Nathan Aweau again) at Waimea; Keoki Kahumoku at Pahoa; and Robert Tripp Jr. and Cyril Pahinui at Hilo. So lots of open tunings. 

Been learning from Cyril, who plays in Gabby's C tuning... C G E G C E ... and when the high C is lowered to B, it's called Gabby's C Wahine or Hi'ilawe. 

The name Sebastopol (or Sevastopol) for Open D or Open C or Open E (because the intervals are associated with a tune called Sebastopol Blues) tends to be used more by bottleneck blues players than slack-key, in my experience. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones plays a Sebastopol E tuning on many songs, often with just 5 strings. And the intervals of Open G or Open A are sometime called Spanish Tuning.

So many tunings, so little time... :)     

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