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Mar 1 11 1:22 PM

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Comfrey has proven to be a good fertilizer in my garden. I cut the huge leaves off
of the bottom of the plant and put them around the base of other plants. The plants
I 'treat' with comfrey seem to jump. So far I have tried it on papaya, mamaki , and citrus trees.

The chickens love to eat my comfrey so I have to put it around the outside of
the chicken fence. That way they can nibble on the leaves and not dig up the plant.

Does anyone have comfrey that blooms here in Hawaii ? I have had mine for years but it never flowers.

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Mar 17 11 9:12 AM

Interesting buffychick.  We have comfrey on our farm in KY and would love to have some on our land there.  Works great on healing a cut, but never thought of using it as fertilizer.  I will have to try that.  Thanks for the info. 

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Mar 17 11 9:43 AM

Hey Buffy!
Did you start your comfrey from seed or a root cutting?  Apparently some of the russian cultivars are sterile and may never/ rarely bloom.   But they are MUCH more prolific!

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Mar 18 11 12:30 PM

A very stressed cultivar might flower for you, "russian blocking" did for me under very difficult conditions, but no seed set.  Yours is probably so pampered that it will never flower!  "True comfrey" from seed flowers beautifully for me, but has no-where near the rate of growth!   Good to know I don't need to worry about finding comfrey on the island!  Hold onto a bit for me!

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Mar 19 11 9:48 AM

We would love to have one too if you have enough.   I'll have John(Drylandfish) send you a message.  He's there now.  Thanks for the offer. 

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Mar 21 11 11:01 AM

I'll divide one up  and pot part of it for you Bill.
Be aware though , my chickens  have theirs planted outside the 
chicken fence I had it inside and they ate it all , dug up the root
and ate that too ! Might want to put a wire cage around it if your birds are loose.
As long as they just eat the leaves the plant will keep on growing.

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Apr 11 12 11:26 AM

More on Comfrey…a liquid plant feed factory.
Here is and interesting way to create your own 
liquid fertilizer from Comfrey.

Have to add a personal note here.
I had a long line of comfrey growing outside the chicken
pen but next to the fence. The hens loved it and 
ate it through the fence. Then I brought in a variety of chicken
that had to be hatched in hell. The brown leghorns could be contained
even with one wing cut down to the skin. They flew out and after a
few days ate the comfrey ….. All 12 plants including the roots!

Luckily I have an old comfrey plant near the house where I can get new starts.
The brown leghorns are all memories and the Black Australorps are living
happily with a few Buffies and a son of Thor.

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Apr 11 12 3:39 PM

Buffers, I was shown an easier version that doesn't involve mild engineering skills..Fermented Plant Juice using Comfrey.  I hope to holo holo up your way after tax season to visit.  If you remind me, we can make some Comfrey Fertilizer while I'm up there, takes about 5 minutes, a few cups of brown sugar, comfrey and a Mason Jar. Let me know if yours doesn't come back.  the start you gave me 3 (?) years ago finally took hold and is large enough to divide.  

:) hooli 

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Apr 11 12 6:19 PM

Thanks Hooli, making fermented plant juice sounds like fun.

I have an old mother comfrey plant. She must be about 8 years old now,
so I can get new starts from her. I have found that it is good to not divide your comfrey until it is at
least 3 years old. That way the central root is really deep into the ground and can cone back.
Every two year old plant I tried to divide did not come back so I think 
that is true.

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