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Jan 25 11 9:26 AM

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Price of chocolate is going up. Time to buy a little stash.

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Jan 25 11 10:23 AM

As Doran and I were buying a pint of honey ($9) at Makuu Market the beekeeper walked up to the vendor who sells for him and handed the vendor a new price list reflecting the declines in bee population. New price for a pint of that particular honey at Makuu: $12.

Recalling that honey has an indefinite shelf life and medicinal/antibiotic properties (apply directly to wounds) and the supply is shrinking fast, it --sadly enough--may be a good investment to be holding versus colored paper.

Facts are stubborn things; whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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Jan 25 11 11:12 AM

The bee thing's a real bummer.

I have to ponder the deeper question, though: Is life worth living without chocolate?

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Jan 25 11 12:41 PM

If you want to come to Baton Rouge, we can talk bees.  Otherwise, it will have to wait until we move to HPP late this year.
Baton Rouge, LA and eventually HPP

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Jan 27 11 8:08 AM

When I owned six acres I had about 6 trees in orchidland.  The only insects on them were LFA.  They were doing really good in the 1K foot level. 

I didn't plant them but I did try a few. Taste like coco.  I'll be back on the island this year May/June time.

I bought a small lot in Hawaiian Parks, The luxury of piped water, high speed internet, mail delivery, paved streets and regular power is what drew me to it.  Only a third of an acre but I think I can still grow quite a bit of stuff on it to make it somewhat private. 

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Jan 27 11 11:19 AM

Sounds like the insect is the rose beetle.  Skip mentioned in his newsletter that they were doing something to protect new transplants from rose beetle damage.

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Jan 27 11 11:21 AM

Welcome to the 'hood ericlp! We live on the Shores' side.

Just curious, did your lot come with a house or do you plan to build? Or maybe you'll just use the lot for growing food? Hopefully you've got more dirt than I did on my 1/3 acre; brought in a truckload (24 yards?) last year, but could actually use another load.

If you need coconut trees we've got a grove of keiki growing all around us, so feel free to come by, dig some up and take 'em home. (Wondering now how Aloha Steven's keiki are doing...)


A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Jan 28 11 5:05 PM

Thanks for the offer of coconut's.  :)  I won't be there till the end of april. 

I gotta get Chooks to draw up some small house building plans for me first!   :)  Now that I just closed on the lot and well, I found a lot I can afford!  :)

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Jan 29 11 8:42 AM

Chooks, add some coffee trees and make dark roasted coffee beans with chocolate/coconut coating.
Chocolate/ Coconut macaroons dusted with ground fresh roast dark coffee beans ,
Chocolate coconut bonbons with a dark roasted coffee bean in the center.

I think I need to get some coffee and go eat breakfast 

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Jan 29 11 9:31 AM

Hawaiian Beaches, Hawaiian Parks and Hawaiian Shores are all in the same subdivision in Pahoa close to the ocean so Coconuts would do really well there!  ;)

Yummy dark chocolate, puna coffee (sharkeys)  with coconut flavors to start the day!   :D   Sounds good!   Beats Starbucks by a mile!

Chooks I'll send ya an email today.   :)  It's on Malolo St.  (flying fish)

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