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Jan 16 11 11:09 AM

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Is anyone here using or preserving cannonball tree fruits &/or flowers?

These do grow and fruit well locally in Puna. The flowers are fragrant in a heavy way, as well as large and showy. The fruit is way beyond durian, imho, in terms of putrid and cross-your-eyes-and-shudder foul smelling so I have not worked up the courage to actually try to taste any -yet apparently it is edible (I have found several credible records of people having tasted it, online. Apparently, like durian, if it is in one's mouth then the taste is better than the smell). Once the thick rind is cracked on the fruit and the soft segmented flesh inside is exposed to contact with the air then a ripe fruit will undergo astonishing color changes in just a few minutes, changing from white and pale yellow to chartruse and lime green and blues and purples. Once the oxygen hits it a liquidication appears to happen, pronto. Talk about stench!


Best photo set here:

Along with the purported medicinal properties I wonder if it could be useful as a base for perfume (like whale barf) and so on. Apparently it does not repel pigs, though, since there are records of them eating it.

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Jan 16 11 1:31 PM

By the way, either the ripe cannonball fruit I dissected (slaughtered, is a better description, though it had its olefactory revenge aplenty) was devoid of seeds or the 200 to 300 seeds reputed to be in one fruit are very tiny (on the scale of poppy seeds or zinnia seeds) or so cleverly disguised that I could not identify them as seeds. Or maybe I was just gagging too hard to be able to focus properly. At any rate, a sample size of one is not indicative of much, but I saw no seeds in there.

Facts are stubborn things; whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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Jan 16 11 11:26 PM

You know, actually, there's a lot of stuff that grows here that tastes pretty nice. . .and can be had for near free especially as culls, like papayas. . .just considering. I'd think a rotten papaya is probably better than a choice cannonball(or whatever.) They are strange looking for sure.

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Jan 17 11 1:28 AM

True, if nice-tasting is the goal (...and if pests from nematodes to slugs to bunchy-top virus do not take out the crop of common cultivars). Odd botanicals such as the cannonball tree intrigue me, though, for perhaps offering something out of the ordinary which could prove useful. Apart from the medicinal applications for cannonball fruit, for instance, what if just a dash in combination with something(s) else produces an extraordinary flavoring for gum, ice cream, popsicles, candy, wine, brandy, etc? Variety is the spice of life, niche marketing of items novel for their rarity may provide cash flow while common crops languish without cost-effective sales, and in terms of ecological strategy in the food forest diversity trumps uniformity. Who knows but a peppering of odd botanicals --such as cannonball-- interspersed amongst the food forest might provide a fire break of sorts against a wave of pests (insects, fungus, etc) rolling through like a wave?

Facts are stubborn things; whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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Jan 17 11 4:46 PM

What other goal is there than nice tasting for home grown fruit?  One hopes there are some nutritional benefits as well as nice tasting of course, but we don't have to be concerned with shipping qualities, shelf life or point-of-purchase appeal.  It seems the pursuit of those three qualities have done in a lot of the good tasting of fruits and vegetables.

All these oddball edibles are interesting to a degree, but when it comes time for the roots to hit the dirt, I'm planting tasty things that I like to eat.  If there's leftovers or culls for bunnies and rabbits, that's okay, but primarily I like to plant tasty people food.

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