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Oct 4 10 11:29 AM

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i took the liberty of doing some  research on a productive crop...

 i started with a seed...

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Nov 19 10 6:07 PM

Good to see your food factory. I am going to try growing Guiness . That looks like fun !
So far all I have alcoholic is the 
Vodka based Creme Dementia using mint and lemon balm.
Nice lettuce ! Try cuttings from tomato vines. They take right off in the aquaponics.
I am noticing the shorter days is causing the growing cycle to slow down.
We have peas now and Bok Choy, Swiss Chard, kale, basil, mint, lemon balm.
watercress, taro, bunching onions,leeks and of course lettuce. 
Somethings grow better than others but all are growing.

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Nov 20 10 12:18 PM

Ya'll need meat or fiber rabbits to help turn the excess vegetables into protein, furs and fiber.  Chickens will help, too, but all this stuff is called "rabbit food" so that should be a natural route to go.

What is in that pot that Ciel is holding?  It almost looks like a carnivorous plant!

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