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Sep 27 10 9:58 PM

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Gots a pig. Need to be rid of it. Will happen in the next couple of days. It shows up at 6:00. If you'd like to take delivery, you're more than welcome.

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Sep 28 10 10:48 AM

the pig is for PICK UP- not us delivering. ( my car can only do so much -it was vegitarian too)

If u would like us to call u when the pig meets his maker please let us know. We suspect it will be in the next few days, pig seems to be rather crafty so maybe not tonight but then again maybe too? Again, let us know if u want us to call u, pm your number if we don't have it.

Suspected weight is over 75 lbs. It's a boar and could be closer to 100. We don't have use for it and would love to get it to someone who does. Unfortunately that means it has to be picked up quick like as we have no means of storage.

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Sep 28 10 11:41 AM

Whoever gets mr pig, if it is dressed at Jay's can I come watch?  I need to learn how to field dress a pig.  OR if you don't want guts at your house, nor does Jay, you could dress it at my house (5 miles out of your way, round trip).  Woot, killin' stuff!

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Sep 28 10 12:44 PM

Hiya, Ciel, I called you guys last night, left a message on jays phone. I do think we'd be interested if Chooks wants to share. Chooksie, is 75 pounds worth sharing? If not thats OK, we'll wait for another piggie to come calling. If it is let me figure out from Tim how we can do this. I thought it was a now or never type deal when I read the post, yeaterday, so he was all rarin to go last night and then nothing, I dunno if he blew his pig wad already. 
That sounds gross. But also funny, so I'm going to leave it. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Sep 28 10 2:52 PM

Very cute hedra:)
so we aren't in a position to have it dressed here as we are working on filling a tank for aquaponics and don't have lots of extra h20. Maybe hooligals is place to bring it?
Also we have two pig termination devices...

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Sep 28 10 7:29 PM

It doesn't take much water at all to field dress a pig.  Mostly, you make it dead, hang it up and poke it so it leaks nicely then let it all leak out.  Then it could be transported somewhere else or gutted and skinned there.  If it was already hanging to leak, then it's handy to just dig a hole under it, gut it, skin it and drop the head, skin & innards into the hole unless you are saving them.  Sometimes the intestines are saved for sausage casings, sometimes they aren't.  Generally, the heart and liver are saved for at least dog food if not liverwurst or sausage.  I've tried tanning the skins before, but our climate isn't nice to leather so it seems a lot of work for not much reward.  Some people like cooking the pig's head as well as the feet, but usually there's so much of it that those get tossed into the hole along with the rest of the oogly bits.  Shovel some dirt back into the hole and things will grow really green there later.

Generally, after all this, a bucket of water is enough to clean everything up with.  Carcasses are amazingly clean and tidy, especially after you've already let all the blood leak out before even starting anything.  If your only reference point is Hollywood epics, you'd be amazed at how little mess butchering can be. 

The only problem I have with this is the timing.  Six in the evening is just before dark and taking a pig apart is going to take several hours from the time it's down until it's in the fridge and everything is cleaned and put away.  Is there any way you can trap the pig and then shoot it in the morning?  I have a pig trap if anyone is coming from this direction and wants to relocate it.  Then after the pig is caught and it's daylight, it can be shot & processed and everyone will have time to get there and get prepared.  The other thing with traps is if the first shot doesn't drop the pig in it's tracks, it doesn't zip off into the brush and need to be chased for half a mile while it's bleeding all over the place.

If any of you want to get the carcass and bring it over here we can deal with it here.  There's a guest room if things go too far into the night.  In a perfect world, someone shoots the pig in the head (keeps the meat much nicer if there's not holes blown in it), then hangs it and bleeds it, then brings it over here and we can finish the process in a lit area.  Skinning a carcass in the dark sounds like a good way to end up with less fingers.

If none of this works and folks still want to have a pig butchering lesson, I can set the trap up over here and catch a pig to practice on.

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Sep 28 10 8:54 PM

we just need the pig gone, and unfortunately we don't have a trap..... Jay is waiting for it in the back now - we shall see...but thanks for the info re dressing it, guess jay has done it too but again we just need it gone so not too many idealic ways to make it a teaching excersise. If we ever get a earlier pig we will try and help organize something.

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Sep 28 10 11:28 PM

Not pig done, pig YUM.  Annebelle at least should be happy, a lot of that can make for some great dog food.  Saves on pet expenses, too, when dog food wanders into the yard.

Hang it up, bleed it out and if you don't have freezer space, you can dry or can it.  Some sausages can be dry stored, too.  There is also pickling the stuff, corned pork instead of corned beef.

Pigs getting to the level of vermin these days.  If nobody eats them they would denude the entire island.  They breed quickly and eat almost anything.  They are also vicious and probably the most dangerous thing in the forest.  So, say "thank you" to the pig for being edible and enjoy.

Anyone want a pig butchering lesson?  I can set the trap up over here.  The pigs have been eating avocados for a month or two so they should be nice and plump right now, too.

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Sep 29 10 1:46 AM

Hi guys sorry I fell off, Tim came and picked me up right after I hung up with you Ciel, he needed another pair of hands on the job and I wasn't expecting to stay so late. 
Sorry Chooks! I was thinking about you as I was making the pond. I thought it was some quick thing and that I'd be right back!

Glad you guys got the pig! But sorry Calla ;( he shall go back to the earth. 
And Chooks Tim said he'd love to take you up on the tutorial, at some point. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Sep 29 10 10:24 AM

Work is good!  No worries, I was busy trying to redesign spinning wheels.  I don't have a lathe and most traditional spinning wheels are made almost exclusively with a lathe.  So far a drill press, bench vise and a jig saw have been enough tools but this spinning wheel doesn't look anything traditional at all.

Pigs in a trap can be scheduled easier than drive by pigs so when folks are less busy we can set the trap.  Pigs in a trap are an "on call" sort of a thing, but it will not be an immediate drop everything and run sort of call, either.  When would be a good time for a pig share?  If we ever had a two day pirate event, we could do in a pig one day, then roast it and eat it the next day.

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Oct 8 10 9:46 AM

We should shift the pig trap up to your place, Jay, for a couple of weeks.  Then you'd be able to trap and harvest the pigs at a convenient time.  Transportation, of course, is a big issue, I don't think the micro-vegetable "truck" could handle the job.  It helps to have two people to shift it around, too, since it's made of heavy hog panel wire and welded pipe.  It does break down into pieces fortunately.

My neighbor made a snare with a bit of clothesline and caught a pig that way.  It got caught at night and it was still there the next morning when the sun came up which makes for easier harvesting.

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