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Oct 9 10 10:07 PM

Nancy would like some .


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Oct 10 10 3:46 PM

Hi. I've been sick all week with nasty cold and thought I'd be up for party today but unfortunately I am not. Have fun look forward to next time.

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Oct 11 10 11:42 AM

The pirate party yesterday was all sorts of fun! A crew of seven showed up (Erin and her charming Pharaoh hound-whippet doggie, Ivy & Tim, James & Elizabeth, Doran & Steven) and a good time was had by all while chatting and chowing on the lanai 'til well after dark. Folks identified several trees and plants around the house here and filled me in on bits of botanical lore I am sure will prove useful. Thanks for that!

Facts are stubborn things; whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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Oct 11 10 9:41 PM

Frikking Frak I finally got my internet back! Cursed brittle Albezias!

We had a great time!

Good to see the Weatherfords as always <3 and Erin/Pono-pones. 

Yay ;) I've wanted to spend time with you and Doran since I met you guys ;) { and before actually, I love level heads and have been a fan since Puna Web, as previously mentioned ;P} and I'm stoked we finally did! So cool to commune with you two and witness the trust of parrots.{Oh! And the strippers were fantastic!} One of the nicest coziest hangouts I've been to of late, thank you guys so much for your hospitality and being so quality in general. {-as well as excellent chooser outers of hot guys with mad dance skills! Gawd, that was a great surprise! Lets book em again next time?} 

I was going to have Timmeh drop off the strawbears and moringa seed today, but I got to thinking and decided I'll pot em for you guys first, rather than dropping them off bareroot, they're so healthy, I don't want to stunt em, so I'll get em to you guys some time soon. Maybe I'll start the moringas too,  since they pop up so quick. 

So where's the party next month?

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Oct 19 10 2:14 AM

...we've got November with the Thanksgiving pot luck at Laupahoehoe Point park.  Buffers and I have already rented the pavilion...

Hi Chooks & Buffy- what is the specific date and time for the November pirate party at Laupahoehoe Point park?

Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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Oct 19 10 2:38 PM

Yuppers, Jay's right!  Thanksgiving Day at Laupahoehoe Point Park.  Since it is a family holiday, bring your family and friends.  It's always more fun to be thankful when you are surrounded by family and friends.  The more the merrier!

We've rented the big pavilion at Laupahoehoe so there's room for everyone.  If you are bringing more than ten folks along with you, let us know and we will cook an additional turkey.  There are three scheduled to be brought so far but we can always cook a few more or roast a small pig.

We usually start gathering sometime in the late morning around ten or eleven since everyone likes to play a bit before eating.  There is a sand volleyball court if anyone wants to bring a volleyball we could play volleyball.  We will have croquette sets there along with folks looking forward to their annual game of croquette.  If anyone else wants to bring lawn games such as bocce ball or lawn darts, etc., bring them along, there will be a huge lawn and folks to play.  If it's windy, it's a great place to fly kites.  The ocean is right there so it's totally scenic, too.  This is a community pot luck, so if anyone has any good ideas on how to make it better, let us know.  Whatever your idea is, you're the one likely to be in charge of it, though.

We usually round up enough tablecloths, but bring your own tableware - plates, cups, utensils, etc.  If anyone wants to do any decorating, feel free.  We usually try but generally it seems it can always use more.  We generally manage tablecloths and some decorative greenery and then get overwhelmed with everything else.  There will be a table with a big coffee urn (and Dave the Coffee Guy may be providing the coffee this year), assorted hot teas and a large cooler of ice water.  We will probably eat the official Thanksgiving Dinner around one or two, I'll ask Buffy for the official time when she gets back from vacation.

Bring your favorite Thanksgiving Dinner dish - whatever it is that makes Thanksgiving special for you or bring whatever you'd like, we aren't fussy.  It's always fun to sample all sorts of tasty things.

There is a sink out in the pavilion area as well as a big charcoal type grill.  I think we've rented the kitchen side of the pavilion this year, although I'd have to check to make sure.  The kitchen area has a refrigerator and a sink in it along with counter tops but no stove that I remember.  There are bathrooms directly attached to the pavilion, about ten or twelve big picnic tables in the pavilion and outside showers available, too.  The pavilion has electricity, too.  So we have all sorts of options available.

If you'd like, you can camp out at Laupahoehoe Point Park either the night before or for that evening.  The Hawaii County Parks department even lets you sign up for camping online:

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Nov 21 10 12:30 PM

Aloha Folks!

Turkey Day 2010 is shaping up and getting closer!  

So far these are the new bits of information:

We will start on Thanksgiving Day (that's next Thursday) around 10:30 to 11:00 with our annual croquette games!  We have two croquette sets and there should be enough room for them since the park is big and flat.  In case of rain, if anyone has small table games such as bar puzzles or something that can be played while chatting with folks, that's a good thing, too.  If folks don't want to play croquette or table games, we can chat and visit for awhile since gathering and socializing is the main theme of this event.  

We will have time for hors d'oeuvres while chatting and playing croquette so anyone who wants to bring small nibbly bits to keep folks from perishing while waiting for the feast would be good.  Dave the Coffee guy got diverted to a mainland trip so Buffers will be bringing the coffee and we have a huge coffee urn so that part should be covered.  There will be hot water and tea for those who aren't fond of coffee, bring your favorite mug or cups.  We have a large water cooler and we can probably find some ice to put in it for ice water.  That should keep folks alive until time to dig into the turkey.  
The official Thanksgiving Dinner is at 1:00 so if you can't get there earlier, get there by 1:00, but you'll miss out on a lot of the fun stuff since most of the socializing will be before the dinner.  We will also use the pre-dinner time as set up time while the folks are playing croquette which is why we are socializing before lunch instead of after.  Plus folks generally want a nap after Thanksgiving Dinner. 

There is a refrigerator to keep cold things cold while we are setting up, playing and socializing until turkey time.  There are electric outlets if anyone has an electric buffet warmer?  Or has other electrical warming things they want to plug in.

Does anyone have a CD player and some Thanksgiving type CDs?  If not Thanksgiving type, then perhaps something happy like Jimmy Buffet or Hawaiian slide guitar or something?  I'm not the most musical sort, but something light, happy and in the background type music?

Hooli is taking charge of the centerpieces on the tables, if you have other and/or additional decorating ideas, either go forth and decorate or co-ordinate with Hooli, I'm not sure which would be best but the more the merrier.  It's a pretty big pavilion, there should be room for lots of decorating.  I think we should have enough tablecloths (they look a lot like big white sheets in case you were wondering Hooli), but if you have an extra tablecloth bring one just in case.  As far as tables, (Hooli asked earlier)  each table is like a double sized long picnic table, they may be twelve feet to fourteen feet long or so.  Four of them facing the open sides of the pavilion and another long one over by the kitchen window where we will probably put the food.  We will probably bring in a smaller table for the drinks and hors d'oeuvres so they can be at the other end of the pavilion and out of the way of the prepping by the kitchen.  

Since we have a variety of religious faiths in our group we will be singing "Simple Gifts" as our group prayer so if you get a chance, brush up on the lyrics to "Simple Gifts".  It is a very traditional sort of Thanksgiving song and singing a group song as our prayer will be more comfortable for a lot of our folks.  It also gives everyone a chance to be personally involved with giving thanks.

Does anyone need directions to Laupahoehoe Point Park?  Start from Hilo and head towards Waimea.  You'll go through the village of Laupahoehoe which has the gas station, train museum and the scenic overlook which looks out over Laupahoehoe Point park.  After you go through the village, there will be another gulch and then there will be a sign pointing towards the ocean which says "Laupahoehoe Point".  Turn right, then turn right and follow the road to the end, that's the pavilion.   It probably will take about forty minutes to drive from Ken's House of Pancakes in Hilo to Laupahoehoe Point Park since the road isn't particularly fast.  

It looks like there will be about forty or so folks so it should be a fun event.  If you have any questions, just ask!

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#52 [url]

Nov 23 10 4:47 PM

Just want to RSVP my partner and myself to help you with the head-count. (Although we won't be needing any turkey or ham.)

We are new to the island and new to the forum - and very much looking forward to meeting all of you! We've heard very wonderful things about this group from our friend Erin.

Mahalo nui loa!

- and Jeremy
(in Pahoa)

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#56 [url]

Nov 24 10 10:41 PM

We will have to start looking for pirate flags for next year, huh?  You can find anything at garage sales if you look long enough.
Well, the whole pavilion is bright chartreuse and the only big pavilion at the end of the road.  If you go any further, you'll fall in the ocean.  Now hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can play croquette.  Oh, there's a sand volleyball court, too, if anyone brings a volleyball.  And there will be tons of covered area for folks to hang out and chat even if it is raining so no worries.

The gathering will begin around 10:30 - 11:00.  We will have some nibbly bits to hold folks over until official turkey time at 1:00, if other folks want to bring nibbly bits as well as a potluck Thanksgiving dish, that would be good, too.  Although we aren't likely to starve in three hours, huh?  

The little store in Laupahoehoe, Sakado Store, will be open if anyone needs ice or such.  Turn mauka at the train museum and it's the building on the left across from the post office.  That's about a mile or two before you get to the turn off to Laupahoehoe Point Park.

See ya tomorrow!

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