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Sep 7 10 7:49 PM

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Ok pirates who is going to step up and have the September pirate party ?

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Sep 8 10 3:20 PM

perhaps it would be fun to have a gathering at a park or some public beach this month? Maybe if folks aren't thinking we'd have guinea pig on a spit fire we might be more inviting? Just kidding ;) I think it's worth pointing out we are a group trying to determine what sustainability means to us individually as we try and assist each other with planting knowledge and encouragement.

I think it would b a fun excuse to go to beach or something. I'd love to have it up here but as many of u know the focus here has been horticulture not hospitality so it's not very guest friendly (yet;)at this homestead. Any thoughts on beach idea?

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Sep 8 10 4:17 PM

yeah, like Buffy said, it's not a rave. Lol. though.... I truly wish it was. 

yepo Ciel, us greats'll take any excuse to get us to the beach! Plus bbq tastes so good when you've been in the water!
Maybe we could {instead of touring gardens} bring dishes made with some component from each of our endeavors, seems like the next logical step in sustainability sharing. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Sep 9 10 8:33 AM

I would like to see some one new have it because one of the things is to met and make new friends and enjoy old ones but to me the greatest thing is to see how others are doing the sustainability thing like the last one at buffychicks and her hydroponic fish and veg set up. Can any one say they did not learn some thing??


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Sep 15 10 9:08 AM

Still no one stepping up for September/ Oct?
Out of our 200 Plus members we must have one or two that could hold a party.

What do you think of having a "wonder woman" head a party planning group, You know beat, mangle, force others into holding a party? We could supply names by the PM system so no one knew who set them up. Start with a list of ones that are active but have not hosted a party. I can think of a few that could be ask on line. We can tell who knows about growing from the net.

Just trying to get more active in the group IF the "shi_ hits the Fan" a network of growers would be great, we could trade and help each other. I think getting together is very important for us as a group and I learn some thing at each meeting and would like to encourage new members to attend as well as hold party's.

If I can't force anyone else I guess it can be here but it would be great for some one else to step up.


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Sep 16 10 12:00 PM

My guess is the issue is more a lack of lead time for incorporating a September gathering on the calendar than a lack of a space to physically hold a Pirate party. We could hold it at our temporary HPP quarters again (nothing much to see here in terms of permaculture, though I am planting cocos and other trees) but looking at the calendar for September it is basically all filled up. I do not think Doran and I are likely to make it over even if Bill hosts a Pirate party just downslope a mile from here. More lead time in planning to be at an event would be useful to us.

Do we want to hold gatherings monthly or every other month? [BISS already holds potluck gatherings on the solstices and equinoxes and the Pirate crew overlaps with Big Island Self Sufficiency, so we might avoid doing the "solstices & equinoxes" quarterly gathering pattern]

Shall we pick some dates and get them on the planning calendars? With or without hosts/locations known in advance?

Sundays afternoons have seemed to work well, but should we vary the day of the week around a bit in case always having it on Sunday afternoon is excluding some folks? Say, an occasional Friday afternoon/evening &/or Saturday afternoon/evening?

Facts are stubborn things; whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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Sep 17 10 12:44 PM

Very good point aloha. Perhaps a different day/ time would be great as I know lots of peoplehave projects ect for the weekend. We are stymied up here as there are gorgeous days where it would be great to have outdoosey get together and then it can be raining buckets so we are more of spur if the moment type of hosts. Tho jay wants to figure how we could have a succesful gathering for dec. I think hedra might b on for oct?

Maybe a breakfast to get a day rolling at some point.

We have been chatting about the produce cart up the coast - kapoho fern forest ect. It would be nice to get real time input at an inperson gathering regarding how we might get people's micro ag put into commerce. Maybe we can get topics for a party suggested that might glean interest. I dunno babiling here...

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Sep 17 10 1:49 PM

Well, we've got November with the Thanksgiving pot luck at Laupahoehoe Point park.  Buffers and I have already rented the pavilion and there will be loads of folks there.  If you have family on island at that time, bring them along.  We've got room for about eighty folks at the pavilion and I'm sure if they are friendly we could squeeze in a couple dozen more.

If we had more space, we'd have a gathering here, but there's hardly room for a half dozen folks let alone more than a dozen.  After I get a shed built at the farm, perhaps a pig roast there would work.  Anyone wanna have a shed building party?

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Sep 17 10 2:54 PM

I've been trying to respond for over a week but had some issues. When I tried to sync my phone with my computer both froze. Then my email account was blocked, apparently it has been hacked. It's no wonder I find all kinds of creative ways to avoid the computer!

Anyway, I would be happy to host a gathering here with a few conditions. I live alone with teenagers and the place is not clean, although the lanai, where we would want to be anyway, is habitable. Also, since I have no help the property is overgrown and under-planted. So I suppose it would be a study in potential. 

If those issues are not a problem I would really like the company. I cannot be sustainable by myself and I am feeling rather by-myself these days. I am usually too busy to go places, and frankly, with my aversion to the computer I usually find out after the fact.

One thing I would like to do is get a big pile of stuff for people to go through. I have many things that may be good for repair or parts. I have not the time or know-how to fix these things, and my "truck" (honda civic) is too small to haul the opala away. I'm talking about things like basketball hoop stand, electronics, lawnmowers, bikes etc., even a large flat screen tv. Some work, some don't. Almost everything is absolutely free. And maybe I could get some advise on what to do with my baby, Mo'o, my 69 Jeepster Commando.

Oh, and I will be able to serve my tea and show my progress with Korean Natural farming. My tea was recently written up in an large online tea newsletter and is now (almost) famous. I get requests from places like Singapore and Italy. And the Korean Natural farming methods are nothing short of miraculous and I want to share the kool-aid. 

I could do it on the 26th, but not the 1st or 3rd sundays because I sail on those days. Friday afternoons I am not available either.

So there is my offer, take it or leave it. Let me know. I would really like to get more involved with the group.

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