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Jun 11 10 10:33 AM

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Hey Jay, i want to stock my boat with around 6-9 months worth of food. I think this could be done for a few hundred bucks, depending on what I want to eat. Some trips to Cash and Carry will be made, for sure. Want to give me a sort of framework to go on? What sorts of staples and containers should I emphasize?

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Jun 11 10 11:00 AM

Cooking oil, rum, and a couple hundred wiggly worm jigs in white and black in about a 1/0 size. LOL. Not kidding so much. Head tail for B.C. Live on oysters and rock fish out of Winter Cove on Saturna Island. Watch for bears.

Glad to hear you didn't fall off the mast yestereday, LOL.

I have my list somewhere, I'll dig it up. The one thing you can never have too much of and historically the first thing to run out in a shortage is cooking oil.

One thing I often did do and maybe you remember is the whole "salt junk" deal. I'd go to costco or wherever and buy the big 10 lb slabs of bacon, and pack it in a foodgrade container buried in salt or a salt/sugar mix(50-50). It lasts for ever if kept in the cool of the bilge. A year at least. Makes bean soup a lot more interesting and again you get flavorful cooking oil to cook ling cod in to boot.

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Jun 11 10 2:13 PM

10 lb slabs of bacon, and pack it in a foodgrade container buried in salt or a salt/sugar mix(50-50)

What what what?  I could be squirreling bacon away without refrigeration?  Oh Jay, please let me pick your brain on this one!!!   Can I do this here in the tropics?  Can I use sea salt?  Holy cow, this changes everything!  LOL.

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Jun 11 10 3:04 PM

Yup, you can, that's how they carried it on ships. It lasts a very long time but I'm sure temperature has something to do about it. In the PNW or SE AK the water temperature is about 51 degrees so that's about 60 in the bilges, and like I have said, it would keep for months easy. It gets gradually harder with age(and saltier, and to use if after a month or so you'll need to use a quick boil to wash the salt out before you put it in a pot of soup.) Flavor improves also. It ends up more like a hard salami perhaps. Hard curing meats is a time proven stunt, for sure.

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