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May 1 10 6:55 PM

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Here's a fun one. . .

We need a "group T-shirt". . .

Submit art here and I'll post it. We vote June 1st. . .Prizes? LOL. I'll figure something out. . .

Since the pirate thing is seeming unshakable I suggest we embrace it. . .anyway, send in some ideas.

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#4 [url]

Oct 6 10 1:11 PM

A green pirate skull flag with crossed shovels under the skull.  Maybe a red bandana on the skull?  And a happy looking skull, not a scary one.  Or a plant leaf with a crossed shovel and pick below?  An iconic flowerpot with crossed shovels?  The base of the flag should be green, I'd think.  A bit of white and red would seem proper colors to go with that.  I'd think a crossed shovel with a hoe and a sweet potato above would be symbolic of this group but a sweet potato doesn't look like much as an iconic item.  Hmm, okay, a white background, a big taro leaf with a crossed shovel and hoe below it.  Dunno if the "X" of the shovel and hoe would be good or not.

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