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Mar 9 10 5:35 PM

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Does anyone want to make an organized movement toward medicinals?  We could decide on what we want to grow, divy up the list, propegate enough for the participants, then trade?  I have quite a few medicinals i just started, or still as fresh 2010 seeds.

Also, I'm starting my favorite medicinal, Noni, from seed.  If they're ready by the 20th I'll bring 'em to da party.

Okey, i have seed of ...
noni: fixes freaking everything!
calendula: antiviral, anti inflammatory
borage: tension & depression
feverview: migraines, arthritis, psoriasis, tension
butterfly weed: lung problems, bruises, swelling
chamomile: nervousness, digestion
bergamot: tea for lung infections, flu
catnip: mild sedative for humans, crack for cats
echinacea : immune booster
cuttings of:
wandering jew: eye infections & irritation

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Mar 9 10 10:19 PM

Not yet. My parents sent them to me for xmas & I figure it's high time to get them going. 

I usually sprout indoors where I can keep things warmer.  Tonight some of my flats are spending the night in the oven to stay warm. It won't be on, but it seems to stay constant in there when the temps dip at night.  

If I come across something stubborn that won't sprout easily, i'll typically nick it, soak it overnight, then germinate it in glass that I keep in my microwave.  I juice the micro for 30 seconds with a damp paper towel in it, then put in my seeds & shut the door.  It provides a constant, warm, moist environment for a good portion of the day.  Learned that trick from my grandpa - for making his bread rise!

when I have lots of time on my hands (when was the last time???) I germinate everything in glass so I can guarantee 100% germination on anything that goes into dirt. 

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Oct 2 10 7:28 AM

Medicinal herbs . 
Thought I would bring back this old thread and see if anyone has started their herbs.
If you have starts to trade maybe we could do some swaps at the next
pirate party. 
I have peppermint, lemon balm, and basil going in our
small aquaponics system. I have rosemary , turmeric,sage and spearmint in the ground.
Anyone need any of these ?

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Oct 2 10 12:02 PM

We have soursop growing and it's big enough now that were going to begin harvesting for tea. Soursop tea supposedly contains a very strong anti cancer agent.

I've chewed on guava leaves and it does indeed seem to reduce the plaque-y feeling in my mouth. It's supposed to aid gums. 

I have holy basil too, which goes pretty crazy and reseeds.

Here's what's said of it :

"Researchers suggest that holy basil contains powerful anti-inflammatory agents, which significantly reduce inflammation and enhance detoxification (a metabolic process for reducing toxins in the body). Holy basil also has anti-microbial properties, thanks to its oil content, eugenol, present in its leaves.

In laboratory studies, the oil of holy basil has been found to possess significant anti-inflammatory activity.

Holy basil has a reputation in respiratory tract infections too. Hence, researchers suggest that it can play an important role in the management of immunological disorders, such as allergy and asthmatic affections. Experts also praise the anti-spasmodic properties of holy basil due to its action in relieving abdominal pains. And, what’s most important — the herb, it is said, also helps lower blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Apart from India, the herb holds an important place in Surinam’s cultural tradition and medicine. Surinamese have, for long, used the juice of the leaves against fever, and also as an antidote for snake and scorpion bites.

Tonic Effect of Basil Leaf

Holy basil belongs to a plant group called adaptogens. Adaptogens are closely related to what are called phytomedicines - natural product remedies, long used to promote health, healing, and well-being. It is suggested that adaptogens help relieve stress and tension of daily life.

Adaptogenic herbs are known for various actions. This includes: anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, cardio-protective, immune system supportive, nerve revitalizing functions, and improved physical and mental stamina. In many studies, adaptogens seem to protect against the effects of radiation. They also reduce the side-effects of chemotherapeutic drugs, and increase our resistance to chemical carcinogens.

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Oct 2 10 1:05 PM

Dryland, I have a lot of comfrey growing here. I feed it to the chickens since it
has lots of calcium and protein . The chickens love it. Also use it on bruises.

I also have a small Neem tree . I don't get any seeds from it yet but one of these days 
I will have seeds and keikis. Neem is good to make organic bug spray, mouthwash,
tea , etc.

Hedra , I have grown Holy Basil before but it tasted weird. Do you cook
with it or what ? How about if you do a small herbal workshop at one 
of the Pirate parties ????? That could be fun.

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