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Feb 21 10 1:07 PM

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This is the one I'll start cultivating up here. It's about 15 months old, and I've probably got 10 other plants off of it. It certainly produces much better than the rest of what I've got. Good stock is worth a lot.

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Feb 21 10 3:33 PM

There are some interesting and distinctive things about it. Main issue is that of course all banana trees support a certain number of live leaves at once, and they gradually lose them as new ones are produced. This particular plant will support typically 10 or 12 at once where my others maybe 7 or 8. No doubt it harvests a lot more light doing that. The one in the picture is obviously past peak by some bit.

Yup, the papayas seem to be doing ok. Those are about to ripen.

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Feb 21 10 8:35 PM

Haha, that picture by itself makes me want to ask you to reserve me one. 

My first thought was also Jolly green giant. Lol. 

Are those coffee, the three shrubs in front? Mine are denser, I'm wondering if they're a different kind or if its habitat. 

How many coffee plants did you harvest from this year?

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Feb 21 10 10:03 PM

Jay has Guatamalan coffee. It has a gold or copper colored leaf at the top of 
the bush. It may not be as dense or productive as some other types but it doesn't taste like Folgers either !  Guatamalan is mostly what is grown in Kona. It takes on a less bitter flavor when grown in soil and has less acid. 

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