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Feb 2 10 11:42 AM

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Does anyone know where I can get worms in bulk? Is anyone here working with them? I'm working on compost piles and it seems the safest? 

What fencing we've done (for pigs) is Class 3 hogwire and barbed top and tightly strung at bottom. Miranda's is highest in price, last time we purchased from Del's and it is holding up really nicely. Home Depot has fencing that looks like the stuff we got at Del's but it is $40 cheaper per roll. Does anyone have experience with any of this...?

Jay, we want to do biochar. We're on a lava tube field. Some concerns about that. If you come around the bottom of the island for any reason could you stop by?

I've gotten out of touch...but think of ya'all so often.

Jay, you have a sweetie? This is wonderful! 


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Feb 2 10 7:35 PM

Hey Cheyenne, everyone needs to do biochar. Sam would attest(being out here recently) as to the impact the stuff has made on the soil. Bill has some of it now. Pretty much real terra pretta. It's kinda got to be seen to be believed. Any time anyone wants to do another burn let me know. I've improved the technique since last go and the whole is much much more efficient and old school. There's very good reasons for it. Ben Discoe up the coast just got his first results in on yields and yet it's another confirmation. Perhaps a 40 percent increase in yields. That's absolutely huge.

Believe me, if you char, the worms will come to you.

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