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Nov 24 09 9:50 PM

Thanks, Evolve!  It looks like a yummy recipe.  I haven't looked to see how the sweets are doing out in the garden yet.  I figured Jay would be in charge of sweet potatoes this year since he's our Sweet Potato Prophet.  A voice in the wilderness crying "plant sweet potatoes! - oh, and don't forget the taro, too!"

Got the turkey in brine at the moment, it will be stuffed tomorrow and ready to roast early on Thanksgiving day.

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Nov 25 09 8:13 PM

Anyone bringing green beans?  That seems a traditional dish.  At least in my family it was.  That and that carrot with raisins and marshmallow salad, whatever it was called.  There was another jello, whipped cream and mandarian orange salad my granny used to make which she called "ambrosia".  That was something that only appeared at Thanksgiving, I'm not sure why. 

Well, gotta go stuff that turkey!  Yum!  See ya tomorrow!!  Anyone need directions? 

Go to Hilo, head towards Waimea.  After the Minute Stop in the middle of nowhere (somewhere around the twenty something mile marker, I think) then go through one more gulch, as you come out of it, take the first right turn.  Then the next right turn.  Follow that road to the end, that's the big pavilion and you are there!

We will start gathering around noonish, there will be croquette and sand volleyball (bring a volleyball) and covered picnic tables.  We are hoping to have some drinks and puupuus out while setting up and chatting and such.  We more or less eat the official Thanksgiving day dinner at twoish and it goes on from there.

A hui hou!

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Nov 26 09 10:54 AM

Hope you guys have a great and thankful time!

We'll be doing a low-key family thing this year. No tv, no internet--just us, good music, and a dead fat turkey named Tom.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Nov 26 09 5:37 PM

Nice! I bet you guys are enjoying your feast as I type. I'm as stuffed as a twenty pound turkey myself! It was a good meal with family & friends.

Now chooks, that's a blast from the past, I haven't had Ambrosia Salad in years! I remember as a kid sitting around the kitchen table while my grandmother made this salad. She love to talk story and tell tales of yore of how the merchant schooners would bring all these tropical fruits up from the West Indies. She said you knew what ship was in and what they brought by the fruit display on the captain's porch. Folks would then head down to the docks to buy directly off the boats before the produce was shipped inland.

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#29 [url]

Nov 26 09 9:23 PM

Mahalo everyone at Laupahoehoe Pont gathering for Thanksgiving:  great food, old and new friends.  Croquet!  Leff seed pastry crust dessert, oh my!

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#30 [url]

Nov 26 09 11:24 PM

Aloha Poha!

It was a beauty feast this year!  Much better desserts than last year and less leftovers than last year, too, so it's all good.  Tasty tasty turkeys!

Anybody missing a spoon with stars and moons on it?  The red handled cake knife goes to Nancy, I think?  Anyone else become detached from implements?

No green beans, though, this year.  Hmm.  Maybe next year we can have a list of dishes folks can pick from so we can get the basics covered?  Although, it's pretty good this way when everyone makes their favorites so if it ain't broke maybe we shouldn't fix it.

Evolve, do you have an actual recipe for ambrosia?  One of these years I should make some.  I haven't had it since my granny made it.

Happy Turkey Day!

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#32 [url]

Nov 27 09 7:53 PM

Yes it was great,so much food so little time. A lot of good friends old and new. Was there really 3 turkeys, and no sweet potatoes?  That ocean surf sure was coming in.


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#33 [url]

Nov 27 09 9:12 PM

Thank you all for coming to our Thanksgiving Potluck and bringing so many
delicious dishes. It was a fantastic meal.

The sweet potato problem was my fault. I thought Jay was bring a lot of sweet potatoes  so I said no more needed. He thought I meant he shouldn't bring any.
sorry Jay, I don't always communicate as well as I should. However, I
must say the taro leaf curry Jay brought was awesome !

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Nov 28 09 8:42 PM

thank you for such a lovely thanksgiving feast!

the food was wonderful and the company even better!

but oh my -the turkey, breadfruit, brussel sprouts, salads, sweets - EVERYTHING was delicious! 

now jay and i will just have to eat all those sweet potatoes! it should take us till christmas!

i really appreciate how warm and welcoming everyone has been , and i am super delighted to meet faces of so many fantastic posts to this site.

thanks again for an enchanting begining to my time in hawaii.
health and happiness

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