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Nov 19 09 8:06 PM

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Aloha Sensible Simplicity Folks!

Turkey Day is next week!  Yay!  Buffy and I are hoping you will all choose to come help us be thankful for another year of joy and prosperity at Laupahoehoe Point Park - the big pavilion.  We will start setting up, gathering, chatting, playing croquette, flying kites, etc. around noonish and actually officially eat Thanksgiving dinner around twoish.  There will be turkeys and possibly a ham provided, bring your favorite thanksgiving dish to share.  We will have coffee, tea, and water BYOB if you'd prefer something else or stronger to drink.  We will have paper plates, cups and plastic utensils, although most folks like to bring their own plates and cups since it is hard to properly fit a proper sort of Thanksgiving dinner on a paper plate.

There are about two dozen folks already RSVP'd, if you will be joining us, it would be appreciated if you would either reply to this message or email me ( or Buffy so we will be able to make sure we roast enough turkey for everyone.  Bring your family and friends as well, it Thanksgiving is best when it is shared.

A hui hou!
Chooks & Buffy

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Nov 20 09 10:25 AM

Yes we hope all you pirates will come join us for a feast on Thanksgiving Day.
Laupahoehoe Park is located about 2 miles past Laupahoehoe town. (About 20+
miles from Hilo )
A road sign will point the way from the highway down to the
beach park. Then follow the road down and drive until the road ends at the big pavilion
and you will find us. Or you can PM  Chooks or myself and we will give our cell phone number to anyone who thinks they might get lost.

Bring any food that you are growing or just something that goes good with turkey.
We have been doing this for 4 or 5 years and it always seems to work out.

There is a refrigerator and clean up area at the Pavilion. If you have a hot dish
there is a microwave to warm it up.

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Nov 20 09 11:38 AM

It is on Thanksgiving Day, which would be Thursday the 26th, I  think, isn't it?

It is really easy to get to Laupahoehoe Point Park and stone gorgeous once you are there.  Go to Hilo, go past the airport turnoff and go to the traffic light at Ken's House of Pancakes.  Turn left towards Hilo Bayfront.  Go over the Suisan bridge, go past the Kamehameha statue and turn right at the first right past the Kamehameha statue.  This will put you on the bayfront highway and head you out of Hilo towards Waimea on the Belt Highway aka Mamalahoa Highway.  Go over singing bridge and keep going for 24.6 miles, at least that's how far Yahoo Maps says it is.  After you come out of the second gulch (you'll know them when you see them) there will be right turn which has a sign which says "Laupahoehoe Park" or "Laupahoehoe Point".  It is the first right as you come out of the second gulch if you are coming from Hilo side.  After you've made the right turn from the highway, there will be another right turn onto a winding scenic road down to Laupahoehoe point.  Follow the road about a mile and a half or so and it goes directly into the park.  Keep following the park road until it ends at the big pavilion.  We have the big pavilion all to ourselves and we will be very easy to find.

The pavilion has either ten or twelve large picnic tables under cover so if it rains, that won't be a problem.  There is electricity, water, restrooms and even a shower available there.  There is a barbecue there if anyone wanted to bring charcoal and grill things.  Parking is directly in front of the pavilion so it is very easy to schlep stuff in and out.  There is a huge flat lawn area as well as a sand volley ball area there.  There is camping available there if folks wanted to not have to drive home afterwards.

As far as food, we just let folks bring their favorite Thanksgiving day dish.  So far we've not had an overabundance of any particular thing, but if we do, we will just eat extra helpings of whatever it is.  Folks do like to bring their own tableware, we will have table cloths although a few extra of those wouldn't hurt.  Anyone wants to bring any table decorations, bring them along.

We usually have a game of croquette going on while folks are setting up for Turkey Day, there will be kids and grandparents there so bring yours along too!

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#4 [url]

Nov 20 09 8:03 PM

Man oh Man, sounds like great fun!! If I was there I would definitely bring a tent, just leave some of those leftovers for breakfast in the morning, lol
Have fun you guys! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Nov 20 09 8:29 PM

Evolve you slippery theory you {ok not really -what with the popular ape to man poster and the 13" moth proboscises for the 13 inch orchid pollen chute, but...} who and where on island are you? What?

Duude, care to flesh out even just an inkling? I'm down to play avert your eyes from waldo {after} it's just that the tiny but active on lazy days like today section of my brain reserved for intrigue on SS is kind of killing of me right now, what with the one way first name basis and all. 

Cmon....Hook a sista up....
Gimme a nose or something. Shoot. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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#8 [url]

Nov 21 09 1:35 PM

Will do. Dug about 30 lbs a day ago. About a half pound a square foot if you were to count the culls now becoming chicken feed. Surprising, really, as wet as it's been.

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#9 [url]

Nov 22 09 7:47 AM

lol...Ivy you're funny! Yes I have more than a few properties on the Big Island and a condo on Maui, infact I have a lot down your way at the bottom of Hawaiian Shores and a house in HPP. I use to spend a lot time in Hawaii but due to work and a aging parent I haven't be able to spend as much time there as I would like. I'm also busy helping to restore our ancestral home on Portsmouth Island. Not an easy task since everything has to be brought over by boat. It's beautiful there though in ghostly eerie sort of way. Teach's hole, a favorite hangout for Blackbeard, and where he got shot, is just across the way. Lot's of history, lot's of nature and I love it...afterall, I'm what they call a hoi toider, one from the coast who speaks in a brogue reminiscent of elizebethan english. In other words, you would probably have a hard time understanding what the hell I was saying. I love it though, I love my family & home here and I love hawaii too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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#10 [url]

Nov 22 09 10:36 AM

Isn't Portsmouth Island a national park these days?  No worries about folks not understanding what you were saying, we get loads of folks speaking foreign languages around here and we all get along somehow.  Don't they have loads of sailing songs from that area?  Perhaps you could sing instead of talking Shakespearean?

Thirty pounds of sweets!  Yowza!  Hmm, if it gets wet enough up there to be a marsh, then you could try growing mallow in the marsh and make marsh mallows to go with the sweets?  Or maybe Evolve would have a recipe for sweet potato pie?  Isn't that southeastern sort of recipe?

It looks like it is going to be a lovely gathering this year!

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#11 [url]

Nov 22 09 12:31 PM

You are correct Chooks, Portsmouth Island is now part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. A few of the former residents have special use permits to use their ancestral homes on a limited basis. We do not, but took a special interest in the restoration of the village as a whole by forming "Friends of Portsmouth Island" a grassroots organization sponsored by the historical society. Since I'm pretty much related to almost eveyone from that island most of the homes are ancestral, but there is one that has a special place in our family history. Did you think I lived there, without electricity, no way, the mosquitoes would eat you up in the summer!

Sea santies, yep know a few but the old fisherman know more. Sweet potato pie, like collard greens, both pretty much a staple along with clam chowder without the cream. Fig cake & chess pie are pretty common too. But the seafood would blow your mind, especially the fresh shrimp that practically jump in your boat when you go up the creeks, and the best ever oysters!

Anyway, you guy have a blast!

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#12 [url]

Nov 22 09 1:25 PM

Dave ;) Ahhhhhhhhh vision......thank you!

Ohh man Oysters and Shrimp, I got bananas and moringa but dude being filipino what I wouldn't give to live where I could wild gather oysters n shrimp. 

Guess were all blessed. Thanks for the picture, it sounds beautiful and rich. And thanks for hanging with us island dwellers as well. 



It does sound like you guys are gonna have a partayyyy;) Dope!

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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#16 [url]

Nov 22 09 8:36 PM

Anytime you wanna go catch crabs, Hedra, we can go over to the harbor.  Some folks put them in a bucket and then sit on the bucket, but you have to make sure the lid doesn't shift over when you do that.  I've been thinking of going prawn hunting one of these days, too.  I like prawns, grilled with a bit of garlic = yum!, and they could live in the stock tank in the back yard until I felt like eating them.

Still, this is the week of turkey!  We can have Seafood week sometime next month, how's that?

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#17 [url]

Nov 22 09 9:54 PM

Chooks, be gentle flaring up my fragile crab hope -now are you saying they are gettable here somewhere near and that you know where this here is, cos if not you're toying with a place far too close to my heart and that's just meeeaaannn. 

If you are indeed speaking about a true and reliably crabby harbor, let's go next week. 
You know, on Crab week. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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#19 [url]

Nov 23 09 11:39 PM

Oh, this is the turkey thread, though.  Guess we will have to use a turkey carcass for crab bait.  I think we will have a lot of different turkey carcasses to choose from after Thursday.  So far we are up to four turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner. 

It looks like we will have an interesting group of folks.  There will be book writers, retired sugar workers, mathematicians of either gender, lots of folks who have chickens, folks who have sheep and spin wool, folks who used to live on boats, ham radio operators, folks who live off power, gardening folks, school teachers and retired school teachers, several draftspeople, several construction type folks, kids and grandparents, and all kinds of other interesting people, too.

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#20 [url]

Nov 24 09 1:21 PM

here you go chooks...this is your basic downeast sweet potato pie recipe.


Sweet Potato Pie

4 medium sweet potatoes
2 eggs
1 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup of evaporated milk
1 unbaked pie crust

Boil sweet potatoes until soft, peel and beat till no lumps. Add remaining ingredients, beat until creamy. Pour into pie shell and bake 350 degrees until crust is brown.

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