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Oct 5 09 7:23 PM

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Oct 8 09 11:40 PM

I boil the purple ones.
 Then fry a little garlic in some olive oil .
Slice the boiled potato and toss it in the hot
oil and garlic and fry for a few minutes.

Waalaa !  hash browned sweet potatoes.
A lot of people don't like the purple potato but it has the most vitamins.
If you bake it it is really dry so I always boil them, but
I bet they would be good pressure cooked too.

The  others white or yellow  I just bake  and butter.

Curry sounds good though.

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Oct 9 09 2:16 AM

We were at Yong's Korean restaurant in Waimea yesterday and there were two types of sweet potato on our plate.  One was a white sweet potato, probably "helehele" and it was marinated with sesame seeds and probably sesame oil, too.  Something darker in there, too, molasses, ginger?  Was really good!  The other sweet potato was a sliced purple one which had been tempura-ed. 

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