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#21 [url]

Sep 16 09 9:38 AM

Also, lots of good homestead sites in my area.

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Oct 4 09 6:43 AM

Thanks for all the info. Jay you are in Fern Forest? I have been looking at that area, I like the size of the lots and the low prices. What types of food grow well in that area?
 Chooks if that car is still around I would be interested. Just let me know.

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#24 [url]

Oct 4 09 10:42 AM


Yup, I'm in fern forest. With a little forethought a lot will grow up here and most of the big food type crops like taro do especially well. I've papayas on the trees at the moment that look like they'll ripen. I guess we'll see. It's a good indication.

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#25 [url]

Oct 4 09 12:12 PM

I'm not sure what the status of the Aspen is, it's a fall holiday of some sort for the next week.  I'll ask in a bit and see what's floating around out there.  I don't think the Aspen has come into the shop yet, there don't seem to be any new ones there, but sometimes I miss seeing them even when they are directly in front of me.

Other than the Aspen, there will probably be a small Suzuki Sidekick coming up for sale sometime soon.  That one is 4WD so it will probably be more than the 2WDs, but I don't keep track of these things very closely.  

When do you need a car?  If I had These things don't last all that long once they become available.  The Dodge Colt lasted several weeks since it was a station wagon.  The convertible Mustang lasted about half a day.  4WD pickup trucks last about forty five minutes. 

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#26 [url]

Oct 5 09 7:00 AM

Our plane gets in on the 29th and we have a car rented for a week, so I would like to have something by that first week in Nov. That station wagon would have been perfect...... but I guess we were to late. A van or wagon would be the best for our family. But anything that seats 5 and runs will work for now.
 Jay, do you have to use a green house to get some of the warm loving crops?
 Thanks Bill for the offer!! We cant wait to meet all of you guys too.

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#28 [url]

Oct 5 09 10:43 AM

I'm near Jay.  If you end up looking real hard at Fern Forest we need to educate you as it's rather Wild West up here.  I got ripped off real bad and want to make sure you understand what you'd potentially be in for so that you don't have to go through what I did.

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Oct 5 09 3:11 PM

We have many remote areas that are far out in the boonies yet tenanted enough so indigent folks know when new meat shows up.  Even though it doesn't look like there's anyone else around there's loads of folks living nearby, generally you just can't see them.  There is lots of theft, especially of things from the new folks moving into the neighborhood since they usually bring a lot of stuff and haven't gotten the place fenced or secured yet.  A lot of folks move here with the idea that they are "moving to paradise" and think there aren't any bugs or thieves in "paradise" so they are so easy to steal from until they wake up. 

Yuppers, that little station wagon would have been a beauty.  DH and the doggles have gone walkabout when he gets back, I'll ask if he's got any ideas of any cars arriving before the end of October.  He's been saying something about a tractor, so I think that might be the next project coming in.  Full sized farm tractor, diesel with a mowing deck, but I've got first dibs on that one!

Okay, seats five and runs fine, and first of November.  I'll see what he has on the list.

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#33 [url]

Oct 23 09 10:04 AM

I asked about a car and my DH says there aren't any at the moment.  There was one last week, but someone had dibbs on that one before I found out about it.  Next Monday is an inspection and he's doing something with hydraulic lines on the backhoe so he's not out actually looking for a car to appear right now but then he never really does that, they just seem to appear.

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#34 [url]

Oct 23 09 3:41 PM

Thanks anyway, but we are now in need of a van, My mother, brother and sister are coming next month to help us build our house! So I will need something that can fit all of us in for the winter. So If anything comes up let me know. If not I will just keep looking on Craigs List!

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#35 [url]

Oct 23 09 5:03 PM

Winter?  Do you mean rainy season?  Will everyone be going the same place at the same time?  Perhaps two small cars or a small car and a truck might be more useful?  Well, something will work out, no doubt. 

Do you have a place to build a house yet?  Several of the material suppliers such as Argus Building Supply will deliver material if you buy enough of it at one time.  That is, if your house construction isn't down a 4WD road or anything although I know of one project which is rather remote and they delivered to there.

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#38 [url]

Oct 30 09 12:01 PM

Woo Hoo and it's gorgeous today that's so awesome!

Enjoy all the smells and sounds while they're still distinct, and the friendly peoples everywhere! 

Drive safe though, our nuts are mixed out there on the roads. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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