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Sep 7 09 4:44 PM

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Hello all, I will be moving to the islands on Oct  29th, I just bought my one way tickets!!! I hope to meet you all soon.

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Sep 8 09 5:26 PM

Isn't that a great feeling? To have those one-way tickets and knowing you'll be flying to your new home soon... whoo-hoo!!

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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Sep 11 09 8:26 AM

thanks for all the warm welcomes.
We fly into Hilo on the 29th around 5 pm.
I cant wait to start my garden, but I am sure that will take some time (need to find the land first) Chickens YES. I was soooo sad to find my chickens here a new home and kids miss them so much. I was planning on going to the Laupahoehoe Thanksgiving it sounds wonderful spending the holidays with others also far from family.
If anyone knows of land for sale that would be good for a little homestead send me the info please. We will also be looking for a car as soon as we arive so any leads would be helpful.

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Sep 11 09 8:54 AM

You need to talk to    ( Linnette Sawyer (  she keeps up on land for sale.
The prices appear to be dropping so don't pay fill price. You need to spend some time and look around. Some land here is very wet and it stays that way. You need to think about how much land you want and then add 50 to100% more. I think we all wish we had more land.
I think it was Chooks had had a lead on a good used car about 4 weeks ago check this out and ask on free give away post. Rent one on line before you get here and lot less money. Think about a  4 wheel drive car or truck some of the roads require it.Do you have a place to stay? A nice lady on 3th there in HPP has a nice rental for rent if you want I can get her phone munber.


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Sep 11 09 11:02 AM

How familiar are you with the big island?  When looking for land, there are so many little nuances and variables to think about.  Everything from elevation to rainfall to proximity to things to whether you're looking for deep soil or lava flow.  I'm still learning a lot of this stuff, but people here on the forum are super smart and knowledgeable :)

I agree with Bill that a 4x4 can be invaluable, especially if you're into farming and gardening as some of the places you'll be going to get plants or other stuff require it.  Heck, we wouldn't be able to even get onto our land right now if it wasn't for the 4x4.  However, they of course require more gas and gas here is pretty darn expensive (around 3.31 a gallon last I filled up).

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Sep 11 09 11:46 AM

The little ol' station wagon that had only been driven by a little ol' Japanese lady has found a new home already.  Then there was the convertible mustang which had only been driven by a little (well, he was actually tall) ol' man but that one got snapped up right away.  We never really know when these sorts of things are going to appear, had we known you'd be wanting a car a month ago we could have saved the Colt station wagon for you. 

Rent for several months while looking for land.  You'll get a much better feel for where you want to live after you've been here awhile.

I've got an acre you could homestead on, however, if the words "Royal Gardens" means anything to you you'll know enough to laugh hysterically at the offer.  I don't think lava is currently running over that exact parcel, but it might be next door.  It is also about a four mile hike to get to it, I don't even think a 4WD would be of much use.  A helicopter would be just the ticket, though.

Land prices have been dropping and since nobody has any work or extra money, I expect them to continue falling for awhile yet.  Even after they bottom out there is still a year or two to pick up stuff at reasonable rates.

Thanksgiving at Laupahoehoe doesn't have to be far from family, bring them with you!

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Sep 11 09 5:29 PM

I also welcome you, and want to re-emphasize what the yogi said about the large differences between seemingly similar parcels of land on this island. Just travel four miles this way or that, and you can find yourself in constant drizzle or constant drought. The soil qualities (and quantities) vary by a hundredfold. The same kinds of extremes can be found in terms of types of communities. You could find yourself living surrounded by supportive farmers giving you chickens or persnickety rulenicks taking them away. Please don't buy land right away. Meet with people, ask them about their neighborhoods. Rent a Puna shack for some months until you understand the region. Oh, look at me! already assuming that you want to live in Puna, which may not be the case. I like Puna the best, but it's a darned good thing everyone has different preferences, or we'd be stacked in huge piles sixty feet deep in our shared favorite spots.

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Sep 11 09 5:48 PM

Seriously. We came from LA- got a great lil house, 8 blocks makai, but didn't realize we'd want more land. Now, besides our location being great neighbor wise I wish I could have chosen better. Not enough room to grow as much food as I want or experiment. 

I agree, get here and look around ask lots of questions, and try to figure out what will work best for your island self. There are a lot of factors, some hinderances, some annoyances some downright dangerous. 

As well as all the plusses. grin

 You want good neighbors. 
If you have kids, maybe no big poukas near. Also, there's staff and other things lepto, rat lung worm. {look those up if youre not familiar} Punaweb has extensive posts on all 3. 
For us it's a blessing we came to a neighborhood situation in that sense, I didn't hear about a lot of this stuff till months after I got here, and it makes me shudder to think what it would have been like had we moved to raw land and attacked it without the knowledge I have now.

So many pretty places, so much varying energy, it's going to be fun to look around. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Sep 13 09 6:50 PM


I flew last night lax to east coast and airlines are now charging $125.00 for a bag over 50 pounds!!!! And 50 pounds isn't that hard to end up with as u transport ( past life it was shoes now gardening tools;)
I have a couple more flights before I finally get to move to Hawaii in October ... But was thinking that type of charge kinda curbs using flights for bringing stuff...rather than sending/ shipping. As ticket agent explained once one airline does it they all follow...

Very best of luck to you and your family!

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Sep 14 09 7:02 AM

The USPS has those one price boxes with NO WEIGHT limit We have a friend that had 50lbs of SS nails sent to her by this. Tools mite be one thing to ship this way be sure to have other things to pack with them IE screws- hardware any thing small and heavy. I think the max weight is 60lbs and I think they are $15 for the big one. You can also get smaller boxes to put inside for other things that the tools may damage.
If a second bag is $50 I guess I don't know about more than 2 but at $125 overweight you could pay $150 for the 3 and load it with 49lbs. Use all the weight limit.
I don't know about where you live but we had a  $ store near us and we could but cans or packs of shrimp and other goods for 1$ that over here are 3-4 $. And they don't weight much. Baggage fill we called it- up to 49+ lbs but not 50+.


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Sep 14 09 9:50 AM

Yes .. That was what I was thinking too. Two maybe three bags ünder 50 lbs less expensive that the one.. Great to have this in mind before we all go to airport!

Some stuff seems way less here than in Hilo- oh well it will work out - chocolate needn't be a primary food group:)
Good point about boxes as well.

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Sep 14 09 10:14 AM

You will find those how would not agree with you about chocolate not being a primary food group. I think both buffy and hooligal being two.That would be something you could us as fillers in a one price box. And until they change the rules carry on the heavy things shoes, books computer stuff like that, size counts be weight does not.


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Sep 14 09 1:58 PM

Chocolate and coffee!  Yumm!  Good thing those are backyard foods around here or we wouldn't be able to properly afford our vices.

For shipping heavy books, magazines, CD's, DVD's, videos and printed pages, the post office has "media rate" which is really cheap.  Just make sure there it nothing in the box other than the allowed "media" or they will check the box and charge you a much higher postage rate.  Even something as innocuous as a pens or pencils can get them to up the rate.

"Parcel post" is a pretty good rate, although it will take up to six weeks to get here.  Sometimes longer.  We do not have "overnight" post on anything, no matter what they tell you so never pay extra for "overnight".  Shipping the heavy stuff separate in those one price boxes with no weight limit that Bill mentioned will keep the larger parcel post boxes from being heavy.  The one price boxes are pretty small, though.

UPS and FedEx are way too expensive to use.  If you are near the docks, you can put stuff on a pallet and consign it as "mixed freight".  There are also some freight forwarders which consolidate and ship to Hawaii.

There are a lot of good yard sales around here, folks are always shipping a container of stuff over here then deciding to move back to the mainland and selling all the stuff instead of shipping it.  Between yard sales, Craig's List and the coconut wireless, you can generally find stuff.  For the coconut wireless, just tell folks here on the forum and your other neighbors what you are looking for and most likely someone among us will either have an extra or know where one is.

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Sep 14 09 6:12 PM

If you are coming from the west coast mainland, and shipping a bunch, matson (or honolulu freight, or..) is way cheaper. Last time I shipped this way was 4 years ago, and 2 pallets from seattle to Hilo cost $156. It weighed literally over a ton! Even if the cost is double now, it's still quite a deal. You just bring your cardboard boxes to the port, and stick 'em on a pallet.

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Sep 15 09 11:05 PM

If anyone knows of land for sale that would be good for a little homestead send me the info please. We will also be looking for a car as soon as we arive so any leads would be helpful.


There may be a car available soon.  It is an Aspen and we don't quite know the year or anything yet.  We will find out later this week.  It would $500 or so and I'll find out the details soon.  It is another older driver not driving anymore sort of car.

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