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Mar 14 10 10:28 PM

Of course my favorite in time for the upcoming holiday.

Nice Hair! Reminds me of someone.

Is he down, or is he really pissed and thinking about to really get up and whip you badly. . .The absolute genius of the sculpture is that "he doesn't know" and neither do you, in spite of the fact that he's got a gaping gut wound.

One of the greatest of the greatest pieces of art ever. It's elegant homage to a guy, and a culture, that's unwilling to even acknowledge that it's capable of being beaten.  That is, indeed, the human spirit. And we Gauls, thank you!

Crom a boo!

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Jul 4 10 2:07 PM

I've discussed this particular moment in history with a number of people lately-- well, what do you take away from the vibe. . .

Pretty good turn out, I'd say. Almost 2 million people. In context the population of Russia was in 1991 was 148 million people.

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Aug 8 11 10:37 PM

Following up the discussion with another big hit from an old school band. . .one that had a track record of being prescient. . .let's hope they're wrong this time. . .

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Sep 28 11 8:17 PM

"Instead of perspicacity and authority, which in the predicting of the future are fatuous, there is beauty and strangeness, the qualities of art, which sees clearly and predicts nothing, at least on purpose."

"No matter its contents, no matter how it is imagined, any future lies not ahead in the stream of time but at an angle to it, a right angle probably. When we have moved on down the stream, that future stays anchored to where it was produced, spinning out infinitely and perpendicularly from there."
 John Crowley


Jay and all here who love really great writing and fear not to read closely and carefully:
Read the following and you will have some idea why John Crowley is my favorite living author!  
Even his essays rock!

And for something entirely strange, beautiful, and unique start with "Engine Summer,"   and  then of course, "Little, Big."  

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