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Aug 24 09 7:24 PM

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Aug 24 09 11:44 PM

Two girls and one guy.

Good lookin chickens.

Need a badass Buff Orpington rooster to stir things up?
Mine is headed for the soup pot unless someone wants him.
He has been mean ever since the chicks hatched 2 months ago.
He has drawn blood 4 or 5 times on various people trying to gather the eggs.

Now he has decided that the young roosters are his to butcher. Time for freezer camp.

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Aug 25 09 2:07 AM

Whoa, is this your tyranosaurus roo that I saw?  What a shame, he's is freakishly huge to the point of fascination.  

Hmm, should be about the right size for a thanksgiving turkey replacement, no?  Wish I could take him, I'd love to watch him take on the loose dogs down here!  He would certainly quash any lingering ideas MY dog house about getting close to the hens!

BTW, how could you tell the sex just by looking at their heads?  That's amazing!

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Aug 25 09 9:39 AM

Yep , that's the guy. Fatherhood made him crazy.
I think he may be too old and tough to eat.
Roosters turn to leather after 8 months or so.
He is a little over a year old now.

The young roosters are all starting to get big "combs" on their heads.
The hens just have little beginnings of combs. We will probably keep one of the young

We are thinking about turning  him loose at the chooks/ buffy  farm
to do centipede patrol.

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Aug 25 09 11:37 AM

Hmm, Ttyrannosaurus Buff in newly planted corn?  Should I fence the garden?  Wonder how much damage one chook can do?  Wonder how long he'd last before a wild dog got him?  Maybe he'd stay in the trees do you think?  We can always find out, I guess.

Roosters might turn to leather, but it is extremely tasty leather!  Butcher him, put him in cold salt water and let him chill for a day or two then cook him some sort of slow moist way and he will be edible.  You could put some green papaya slices or some papaya peelings in with the cold water if you had them, that would tenderize him.  After he's done soaking, a bit of pressure cooking would speed things up.  Save all the broth, too, that will be excellent broth.  Adjusting the pH of the cooking water can either toughen or tenderize things, although I'm not sure whether adding vinegar or baking soda would be the thing.  Vinegar breaks down bones and adds calcium to the broth, I'd suspect.  Adding a bit of baking soda to boiling beans lets them cook quicker.  Splitting him in half and using two pots, one with a bit of vinegar and one with a bit of baking soda would be interesting, don'tcha think?  Cooking is half chemistry class anyway, may as well go over the line into full on chemistry.

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Aug 25 09 12:04 PM

Buffisaurus Pex (pecks), er, I'm a nerd.

I'd actually like to do a tenderizing expirement.  Chooks, you want to when we find a sacrificial roo?
1: papaya soak versus salt soak
2:   Then we take each type  & put half in bsoda vs vinegar
3.  do half of each in pressure cooker for broth, other half pan fried on the stove top, just for curiousity's sake.  

Good way to kill the day drinkin coffee & talking story, no?   Maybe after a saturday morning yard sale pilgrimage?  

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Aug 25 09 1:04 PM

Sure, we may have a nice tough roo to practice on by then.  Someone is bringing a mean RIR roo back.  I may let him stick around for awhile to get fertile eggs, but if he is a pest, he can be soup, too.  Jaybird (the RIR roo from Jay) is going to move up mountain since he's decided the place to roost is by the back window.  It is easier to relocate him than to retrain him.

So, for our practice roo, we could do him in the night before yard sale and soak him overnight then cook him for dinner the next day.

This fits in pretty good with pau hana, too.  Whack the roo, go to pau hana, wake up and yard sale then cook the roo!  Ha!  What a social calender, eh?

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Aug 25 09 1:50 PM

aw, we have such a tough life, do we not?

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