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Aug 7 09 1:18 AM

Choosing a 10 song playlist ahead of time enables us to play well together right off the bat.  For best results in the long run each song should have the following features (or allow our cover to have them):
1) danceable - danceable beat and feeling (not sadness)
2) good feeling - strong emotion that people can identify with, preferably happy and/or uplifting
3) not too difficult for guitarist or vocalist
4) either transposable by the guitarist or else already in the right key for the vocalist
5) preferably jawaiian sounding for widest local appeal
Here's my opinions on the songs proposed so far
Sunshine Of Your Love - no complaints, unless not too danceable of a beat
Cold Shot - not real good feeling, somewhat difficult for guitarist
Crazy Train - too difficult for guitarist, or at least not transposable
Lie To Me by Lang - no complaints, unless not too danceable of a beat
Santeria and What I Got by Sublime - no complaints, unless too difficult for vocalist

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#42 [url]

Aug 7 09 10:48 AM

Playing through those this morning, working up personal interpretations.

I'd say ditch "sunshine." It's one of my favorites, but you're right about not too danceable, and I think if we focus on fun crowd shaking tunes we'll be good.

The Lie to Me riff I've got worked up is very danceable. I think we'll be fine.

Anything by Sublime will suffice.

A hard swinging blues, kinda a ZZ Top sound, might be a good play. Generic enough to call it an original.

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#43 [url]

Aug 7 09 11:24 AM

Will you include a slow dance? I think Leonard Cohen's-Summertime with a bit of tweaking would sound awesome with the electric guitar, beautiful song!

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Aug 7 09 2:12 PM

I'm here , I'm not too sure how to let everyone know that but I guess that savy stuff just comes with time. Anyway , I'm ready to sing out loud and rock the crowd!!!

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#46 [url]

Aug 7 09 5:40 PM

Welcome Sunray, you must be the singer David was talking about. I'm sure your input will be most welcome among this group.

Rawblacksmith, I actually tried to delete that post realizing that song probably wasn't puna ready, but I agree with you about Leonard Cohen, what a great wordsmith! My cousin who is a member of the Steep Canyon Rangers is also a songwriter. Not exactly my preference in music but for what they do they do it well and the lyrics too.

I think I'll bow out of this thread, seems I'm throwing out songs like spaghetti against the wall but noone is yellin' al dante, lol!

Have fun you guys!!

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#47 [url]

Aug 7 09 6:20 PM

Hi Sunray,

Hi "Evolve!" all suggestions are welcome. We're all making this up as we go along. We've already shifted quite a ways from my original ideas and that's just fine. Learning new stuff as I go along an am playing things I'd never messed with otherwise.

Everyone keep eyes peeled for a quality digital delay pedal for me. I wouldn't mind a good "wah" either but can cope. Am on a budget.  The delay I'll need in the "kit" to get a good "Sublime" sound as it adds a lot of "space" to what is otherwise a small sound. Otherwise, I've got a pretty good tone going on.

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#48 [url]

Aug 8 09 12:32 AM

Jay, do you know Kaupete over at Southpoint? He manages to do all sorts of fun things on his electric guitar with a delay and wah and suchlike -a great sound and the whole setup (amp and all) quite small, bundled onto on a little two-wheeled steel frame (like a NYC grocery cart, commonly seen being trundled from the apt to the corner market).

If ever useful for contributing to the musical mix then I can sing passably; the  reliable low end of my range is the same as Roger Whitaker singing "The Leav'in" (aka Durham Town) or "Last Farewell," reliable high end of my range the same as The Cascades singing "The Last Leaf" and "Rhythm of the Rain." Whatever key it is they both sing in is the natural key for my voice -but I am so completely ignorant of musical theory I do not even know what that might be.

Alas, apart from a shaker egg and banging on drums at demonstrations and rallies I have no practiced skill developed with any musical instrument as yet (and quite likely for a long while). Am intending to take lessons, practice, & develop some skill in Hawaii and --ever full of optimism-- am bringing a few instruments with me, toward that end.

Does anyone in the Sensible Simplicity Forum offer musical instrument lessons? Assist me to learn how to play a couple of these and we'll work something out in trade to make it worth your while.


Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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#49 [url]

Aug 21 09 8:40 PM

Ok, to keep the fire on, take advise, and move ahead, after talking to Tim and others-- I'm going to offer up three jam tracks of me playing. These will be raw and unedited.

#1 will be a 12 bar uptempo boogie woogie shuffle I like to play. It was written recently(ahem) and it's called "Pancake Eatin' Dog." I've no means of uploading a vocal but there's a place for it, which one can't miss. Solo there, or sing, if that's your thing. It's kind a Chet Atkins kind of thing.

The lyrics are simple in the extreme.

There's a pancake eatin' dog a'lyin over there. . .

There's a pancake eatin' dog a'lyin over there. . .

If you got no pancakes, you won't have shit but hair. . .

Whoo, irony lyrics.

#2 will be the track I call "Hush" which is the 12 bar riff in "doggone" without the pyrotecnics. Very easy, and actually a very easy thing to play over. It's a riff lifted from a Miles Davis, I believe ESP album. Hopefully I can keep it clean.

#3 will the be chords to Santaria, Sublime, over and over and over, being a "Jawaian" jam. Easy to solo over in the extreme. It's fun, but I don't need too much of it.

I'm not going to play with a metronome, nor the computer, because it gives me fits. it will be recorded cold with my loop pedal and uploaded. I can't withstand the screen and all that stuff. It will be organic, but I believe playable and sound sensibly nice. It will not sound like a synthesizer.

Anyway, I'll try to get those together. There are the 3 songs that would be very easy to jam with without prep with our various players. All in all, they're simple, but with sufficent whoop-de-do are things people would enjoy.

"Lie to Me" is on the docket too.

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#53 [url]

Oct 7 09 10:26 AM

Thanks for sharing these links! From the Beachboys a'la Iraq to Pink Floyd to A Band of Bees they are worthy tunes. The light show and pyrotechnics in the Pink Floyd clip are awesome, of Burning Man dimensions and tech-craftiness.

It makes for a striking effect and lasting impression, imho, when there is an effective mix of very different technologies and styles. The camping-out-in-a-field crowd in the A Band of Bees clip is very similar to the average bunch of Burners, for instance, yet it is possible (likely, even) one will encounter at least one astonishingly spectacular high-tech extravaganza of participatory dance, light, and music (like the Pink Floyd clip above) while wandering around at night in the surreal Black Rock Desert.

Rather major logistics are entailed with successfully pulling off a performance on that scale. Dedicated groups of dozens labor during all their available time after regular jobs for an entire year and pour every spare cent they have into prepping such events. Trying it on for size, the flavor feels great but the scale might be something to work up to gradually. These sure are all great songs for someone, but who, indeed, is that going to be...?

Here, for example, is a clip showing a mix which interestingly blends together very different styles (...though not so much a mix of radically different styles of technologies as of musical and cultural styles) and is perhaps closer to the more modest scale which a Puna-sized garage band and singer(s) could successfully pull off than, say, the Hellking monster lightshow in the Pink Floyd clip.

Nirvana vs Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit up

Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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#54 [url]

Oct 31 09 5:30 PM

Just got a pretty good backing track for this one. Pretty indulgent, easy lyrics--over the top indulgence for the the guitarist. Danceable. Can stand a 50 piece rhythm section comprised of congas drum kits, hands, and coffee cans.


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#55 [url]

Nov 17 09 12:40 AM



Oh yes! This one has my vote. In a former life I even partied at Santana's drummer's vacation place down in Ecuador a few times. Excellent tune and compellingly community-friendly (even without any personal history for bias).

On a different rhythm altogether, have 'yal seen/heard this rather exultantly masculine &/or fascistic weirdness?

Skinny yet somehow virile lads striding about jutting mountains mit their big sticks in hand und being über-Teutonic ( English, oddly). Ist this parody or sincerely heartfelt? I'd guess parody except here in Alaska some True Believers have demonstrated to me proof positive that nothing is too over the top for those who have absolute blindly-naive faith in der Führer,, in _____________ (fill in the blank with the name of the politician/preacher/imam of your choice). Still, there is something there. What, I am unsure, yet it undeniably strums a chord.

Übrigens, am dieser Donnerstag komme ich auf der großen Insel an.

Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence. JA

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#58 [url]

Feb 15 12 10:51 AM


For a bit of promo:

I'm playing with Bobby Reno(country music) Pahoa, every other thursday(next.)

Also the J. Free band, now re-configuring after the loss of the drummer, looks like Darren may step in there. . .

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#60 [url]

Feb 15 12 7:53 PM

Jay, you guys playing at Black Rock?

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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