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#21 [url]

Aug 1 09 5:59 PM

Lead? HAHA. I'll try. I'm a legend in my own mind as that all goes, for sure.

Sunshine isn't much of a problem, we can do that one.

Crazy train? The solo is a bit beyond me but I'll work at it. The rest not such a big deal as it's just a powerchord thrash. I need to learn to play that sort of stuff at some point anyhow and was just today spending a lot of time on Phrygian stuff. I recently picked up a compression pedal which makes the tapping stuff doable, otherwise you're much out of luck. It's not too hard all in all except for the huge BS argpeggio with the bend at the very end of the solo, which if it isn't there kinda blows the whole thing. And it's a big one. It's going to take me two months just to learn that riff well. We may want to sideline that one for a bit, but let's keep it on the back burner as it's a good goal and would teach a lot.

Cold shot I think is pretty accessible, but will need to work out a reasonably playable fake. I think it will sound pretty good regardless.

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#24 [url]

Aug 1 09 7:39 PM

Jay, scratch Crazy Train for now (I never felt like I'm going off the rails anyway) though I gained respect for Oz's melody and Sarzo's bassline on this one.  I'll see your Green Manalishi and raise you one "Lie To Me" by Jonny Lang.  Also, are you learning the vocal harmony part in the chorus of Sunshine?

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#25 [url]

Aug 1 09 7:50 PM

Good call! I'll get on it.

Going to have to write up some screamer solo for that one, but otherwise that's really easy.

Harmonies I can do in my sleep, and seem to often do. I can't chew bubble gum and walk, however, so play and sing seems impossible, at least at this point.

Actually, I think your voice on green manalishi would be very appropriate. The clapton stuff I ought to do, but again, it's the bubble gum discontinuity that gets the way. . .one thing at time.

Perhaps we can agree, at this moment for the "unsustainable insensitivity" or "INSST" LOL--that every song or vibe covered is danceable.  Take liberties and swing it all. Should make the bass player happy!

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#26 [url]

Aug 1 09 8:28 PM

By the way, that's half way through a set for an extremely rocking play list that would shake Puna--can we come up with another 4 good not so-worn out jams?

A lot of bump and grind in all that. Nice.

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#28 [url]

Aug 1 09 8:55 PM

I still think, also that some very metal(ish) thrash is important to involve most everyone. Here's an easy classic.

Actually, the synthetic harmonics are very pretty. More bass action. Bach would be proud. Great tune, and one could mash on this one for a bit. I can see a crowd pump to this vibe for 10 minutes.

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#30 [url]

Aug 2 09 2:06 AM

Wading through all our YouTube video displays is slow and uses up page space.  When we reference a YouTube video, why not just put a link to it rather than embed the whole thing.  Then users have the option to follow the link and not have to scroll and even wait when the system is slow.

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#31 [url]

Aug 2 09 2:07 AM

  Jay, you said everything should be danceable.  Good.  Now we're getting serious.  There's a good vocalist, Sunray, in Orchidland, whom I'll contact about joining the forum.  For Sunshine in D I'd sing an octave below Jack Bruce but if we're getting serious and doing covers I'd rather focus attention on basslines.
  The playlist: Sunshine in D and Lie To Me (in D for now).
Cold Shot - not that danceable due to feeling (love gone cold).
Green Manalishi - not that danceable due to beat (BTW, no anti-consumerism msg).
Zero - danceable beat, but no feeling, lyrics not emotional or even meaningful.
Lie To Me - danceable, strongest emotional feeling so far (desire for love).
This Place Has Got Somethin - original about Puna, danceable feeling (happy, fun).
This Place Has Got Something.mp3 - 5.87MB

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#32 [url]

Aug 3 09 7:31 PM

Hey Noman, good discussion the other morning.

Looking into "Sublime" and worked through a couple of bits this afternoon. Seems if you can handle g5 a5 d5 you've got it all pat. It is, however, a good starting place and a good theme and fits perhaps what we want to achieve. There is no way that I'd argue that this sort of music won't please a crowd. Rather, this will hop a crowd for hours, especially in Puna. My bigger problem is the ADD that it will likely generate in my own head. I guess I could just play the first bar and tap the looper pedal and then go get a beer! LOL. We ought to work up some huge 12 minute jam on such lines. It may as well be an original. I am a little intrigued about some weird guitar solo work on such themes, as I can't really think of any and Sublime doesn't do any of any kind of note. Not that I'm compelled to wax epic, but am idly curious of what lays over all that sound well.

Was fiddling around a bit to get good tone on all that. I'm going to need to come up with a legit quality delay pedal if we do much of that kind of thing, otherwise I'm hooked up. The delay obviously will add a lot of texture to what is pretty simplistic, but don't currently own one. I don't mind picking one up but if there's an extra laying around that's good too.

The solo on "Lie to me" is pretty interesting, as recorded, and that's going to be fun to work one up. There's no way I can duplicate anyone else's solo and I'm not going to bother to try. The voice I have for such is pretty different but I think it would work, and need to get to work on it. Again, a much deeper, raunchier sound, fuller humbucker sound. I think that's just my vocal background coming through that. You can only play what you hear.

The Sunshine version above has a flanger or something in that sound. I like it. Again, I think it's also very important to play a song, but your/our personal version of it. I don't bother in the slightest to sound like anyone else, 'cause I won't. Nonetheless an effect or two in that might modernize the tune. The original version is very old-school and raw and it's my favorite. It's a tune that works completely cold.

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#33 [url]

Aug 4 09 2:22 PM

Playlist recommendation: Santeria by Sublime.  Great danceable beat and feeling (need for love, and jealousy/anger at rival).  Not overly difficult.  Great guitar solo.

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#34 [url]

Aug 4 09 5:40 PM

I downloaded the tab and fiddled though it. Good call. We can handle that one. I'll get brushed up on the solo work. The chord progression is easy.

The tune "What I got" is perhaps equally as good and maybe more popular. Worth considering too.

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#35 [url]

Aug 4 09 5:54 PM

"What I Got" is another good choice.  Good beat and feeling/message/lyrics.  My only complaint is that it's too obvious a rip-off of Beatles' Lady Madonna melody.
Playlist now: Santeria, What I Got, Sunshine, Lie To Me.   ?

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#37 [url]

Aug 6 09 7:37 PM

"lie to me" is going to be difficult to achieve anything remotely close to the "cover" sound, as there's four overdubbed guitar parts that I think I hear. Practically, it's a bit of a nuisance too as it's playing detuned a half step, always a pain in the butt unless you've got a pair of guitars. I'll fiddle with it with concert tuning and see how it handles.

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#38 [url]

Aug 6 09 8:19 PM

Actually, scratch the concern. Got a cute little signature riff worked out that's very easy and makes much the same tone with a different strategy. I like it. Go Humbuckers! There's a couple of ways to play it but it's pretty "declarative" as some might say and works ok. If you and I can really synchronize the "vibe" it's going to swing pretty hard. Other than the intro riff there's nothing in the tune until one gratuitous solo at the end, which, of course, I won't play. I don't think the song is going to need it, as the rhythm work is going to fill up all the empty holes.

It's also going to be a pretty good sound to focus on to tune in and set up amps on, as it's simple.

The trick here is a subtle take on the main riff on "Voodoo Chile" which sounds terrible on humbuckers(there's an exception) but works very nicely with this tune. On the Hendrix tune the pickups make too much sound and you can't hear the bends, here--you don't really expect to, but you just want the texture of something going on rather than a monkey pounding away on a power chord, which, all in all, is all that's going on.

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#39 [url]

Aug 6 09 8:22 PM

By the way here, everyone should be participating and voting for songs. Try to find examples of "live" tunes as there's so much studio heavy stuff out there most of what you hear on the radio isn't playable. Even so, we may be able to rehash it to make it work.

Once we've got 10 good tunes worked out and reliably playable, well, hell! Next stop Nashville!

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#40 [url]

Aug 6 09 9:39 PM

 half the songs presented i don't know to have an opinion for "the simpletons" to play, no sounds come from this confounded computer contraption,...nor have i enough skill anyway.
maybe can find my way thru the simpler progressions.

everything grows if you let it

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