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Jul 17 09 8:18 PM

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As it seems like everyone here is a musician of some sort--I suggest a Sensible Simplicity Band--perhaps named "Unsustainable Insensibility"--under a bit of a King Crimson kind of vibe. I suggest we simply come up with a 20 or so song play list, wholly up to discussion, and then, various can jump in or out of the whole gig as we go along. This looks like fun.

As for the play list I'd suggest a few big ones, pretty accessible.

Neil Young-- 'Rocking the Free World

Smashing Pumpkins-- Shakedown 1979

Fleetwood Mac-- Green Manalishi

A couple others, less so.

Creme-- Sunshine of Your Love

SRV and DBTBL-- Cold Shot

OZZY-- CRAZY TRAIN. I'll pretend to fake the solo.

Other suggestions?

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Jul 17 09 8:36 PM

wish i could get sounds to work on this box of interweb; maybe then could get van halen's "change" out of my head!

the line6 podxt maybe got the hot pickups sound..."got to keep em emulated!"

everything grows if you let it

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Jul 18 09 10:22 PM

The playlist could have a few more blues standards, besides Coldshot (a 16-bar medium tempo, about a love gone cold), there's:
-Close To You (a 16-bar medium/fast tempo, about one's desire for another),
-Got My Mojo Workin' (a 12-bar fast tempo in straight time, about desire alive and well though still thwarted),
-I Wants To Be Loved (an 8-bar medium tempo classic, about strong desire alive and well though not being resolved to one's satisfaction),
-My Soul (a 12-bar medium tempo, covered by Johnny Winter and by Phish)  It's about being controlled by something bigger than one's self, being controlled by one's soul.  This is the kind of song for the Sensible Simplicity band to be writing because it's uplifting to the spirit.

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Jul 18 09 10:46 PM

We'll be ready by mid-August for work-party/party-party/jam-session(s) here.  We can harvest weed trees and brush to chip and shred to mulch orange trees.  Everyone gets a 25 lb sack of organic navel oranges sometime during the peak season from October through December.  Jam room fully equipped, drumset (+drummer), Helco powered PA and tube amps.

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Jul 19 09 6:49 PM

The hot topics keep competing for top of the recent posts list.
1) Anyone still interested in Playlist?
2) What's the purpose of the 20-song playlist?
3) What's the intended audience?
4) Is anyone serious about it?
5) There is some serious interest judging by selections such as Cold Shot and the video of Randy Rhoads playing Crazy Train.  Who thinks they can get in such a groove as that?  Be bold!  Be a soul-driven machine on that axe!  Nothing's better!
6) Content is king, i.e. song idea/lyrics rule.  Singers name your song and key.
7) I say forget downer lyrics depicting rotten conditions of street life in the free world, interesting as it may seem.  It's more challenging and uplifting to express the joy of living in the paradise of Puna.

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Jul 19 09 8:36 PM

Sounds like fun to me. I think it's important to keep a certain amount of accessibility in the play list. Not everyone is going to jam to "little wing" but I'll try. . .

So 1) sure, sounds like fun

2) Playlist is that it's always good to have a plan, otherwise band night tends to be a drunken thrash. As we've more players than a band can handle, it would be fun if various folks could walk in or out. Hence playlist.

3) Audience? HA!

4) I'm serious about it. My musicality is something I want to really bring out at this point in my life, I've some catchup to get  on, but all in all am coming along and am capable of playing most anything I put effort into, and I intend to put effort into it.

5) Darren is wholly capable of that sort of stuff straight up. I'm working on it.

6) sure

7) agreed.

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Jul 19 09 11:28 PM

"Wholly capable"? Heh, thanks Jay. I try to play in tune.
I'm glad to hear of the interest in playing some music together.
And the playlist/framework thing sounds like a great way to approach it. long as it's only CCR!   ..nah

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Jul 20 09 10:00 AM


Primary goal for myself is to improve my skill set and "vocabulary." I've very little experience playing in a group setting and I'd find it pretty challenging initially. It helps a great deal to have a couple of pieces decided that I can get real familiar with so I can concentrate on other stuff in the moment. Good policy anyway.

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Jul 21 09 7:44 PM

Here's a song about oneness with nature, growing your food, like the Hopi indians whose primary deity, Maasow, carries only a seed pouch and a digging stick.  The song would be easy to play, three chords C-F-G, sounds really hokey here but we could do better and have a Sensible Simplicity original:
Little Seed.mp3 - 4.64MB
"Little seed I want you to know, I'll be watching as you grow
Mr Digging Stick will make a place for you in mother earth's embrace
Shooting upward soon you'll find the daily kiss of warm sunshine
Wonderful it is to be a part of nature you and me"

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#12 [url]

Jul 21 09 9:56 PM

I'm into any of it. Seemed to me today a "Clash" style version of "Streets of Loredo" should have been done by someone.

Copyright on that one, by god, right now!

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#13 [url]

Jul 21 09 10:33 PM

Jay, OK,  Coldshot is first.  Can we get a roll call of guitarists, bass players, drummers, and vocalists?  BTW, what's Clash, Streets of Laredo, and the copyright refer to?

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#14 [url]

Jul 23 09 8:42 PM

Personal goal here. Play a passable half assed version of this tune a year from now. All in all, it's kinda my style, so more accessible than many. Sumptuous tune.

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#16 [url]

Jul 25 09 1:17 AM

You guys! I thought "Pirates~n~Paradise" would be more fitting a name given your radical approach to living, but "Unsustainable Insensibility" sounds good too.

Like the playlist but may I suggest "Grateful Dead's" Sugaree, for some reason I feel you all could hammer that one out fairly easy.

"Lost in the Tree's"-Walk Around the Lake is another tune that I've been humming for a couple of weeks now. Might not fit your playlist, but well worth considering.

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#17 [url]

Jul 29 09 8:15 PM

Don't lose track-- let's start with a 10 song play list for one set duly performed somewhere.


1) Sunshine of Your Love. I like that tune and can play it reasonably well, and make for a noisy solo. Next?

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#18 [url]

Jul 29 09 8:19 PM

Sounds like ass on that strat, too bad. More up beat than the early one, that's nice. I like a much more raunchy tone on the lead, as, all in all, it's a raunchy tune . . .

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#19 [url]

Jul 29 09 8:40 PM

Not to perpetually belittle strats, of course, because there's a place for them, and some play them really well, but the sound of the pickups is so different to my ear that it's inappropriate for the tune. I find the two almost different instruments. I'd enjoy probably owning one of each, but my style is firmly flat fretboard. All in all "Sunshine" on a strat is like someone playing "Freddy Freeloader" or "Pharoah's Dance" on a flute.

As well, the floating bridge makes a big difference in the sound with the bent strings, especially wide ones, as of course it pulls all the rest of the strings flat. That's a big difference in sound too. I've a nice stetsbar tremelo for the les paul, but I like the sound better without it. It's harder on the hands, for sure, as to make a big bend takes a lot more pressure, but, hell, I think it sounds better.

I personally believe few play humbuckers very well, especially hot ones like the 490 or 498 series ones that my Special has. They're very lively and prone to oversaturation. It takes very quality gear to get a good sound out of them, unless you just want to play thrash power chords, which of course, I enjoy a great deal and it gladly provides the vibe. So, a little Metallica is fine too.

Hmm, the latter could work actually, again to my ear, but would be wildly different. Pharoah's Dance, I mean. . .

Just a marginally talented snot offering his opinion! LOL

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#20 [url]

Jul 31 09 8:52 PM

  The playlist so far: Cold Shot in A minor, Crazy Train in A, and Sunshine Of Your Love in D.
  Can we get a roll call of players?  Jay on lead guitar.  I can do the basslines (and/or vocals).

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