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Jun 18 09 7:02 PM

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My buddy Dave and I are already shipping produce from farms in the Olympic Peninsula to Seattle via engineless sailboats. Here's the website:

It's our dream to make runs to Hawaii and back. We're thinking of shipping coffee mainly, but all the other items you might imagine (macadamia nuts, etc) would be all right too. Of course, it doesn't make sense to sail the boat there empty. What sorts of items would be useful to ship from Washington to Hawaii?

I'm interested in finding vendors to buy green coffee beans in bulk quantities. There are a few online, but I was hoping to get some local connections from you guys.

One part of this I like is I wouldn't have to buy plane tickets to Hilo anymore :)

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Jun 21 09 5:11 PM

I am glad to see you are growing the operation (even though I am in LA and thus not really part of the conversation - though as I finally have a boat in contract pending a survey I might make it up in a couple of years).

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