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Jun 18 09 1:36 PM

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And another one.... Any advice on sextants? I have always wanted to learn celestial, and intend to use it as primary nav (thus practicing constantly, rather than having it as a poorly developed backup skill).

I am looking at long term use - is a Davies plastic sextant a good bet, or would it be better to scrape together enough for something like an Astra 3B?

I am slightly concerned about the potential warping of a plastic device due to the heat in these parts (SoCal and points south)


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Jun 19 09 11:39 AM

I just picked up a Davis Mk 20 at the marine exchange for fifty bucks. I'm just getting into this whole thing, so I didn't want to go out and make a big purchase on an Astra until I feel I really need it. I'm reading the John Letcher book about it and he makes a good point -- just go buy a plastic one at first, it'll get you started and makes a great backup.

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