Jun 18 09 3:57 AM

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Living aboard and being a handy fellow I get offers of work on and around boats mainly in the form of sail repairs, rigging, rope-work and fibre-glassing — the black arts of sailboat maintenance. From time to time though I also get asked to skipper a boat or two. Oftentimes it is to drive a bunch of drunks (erm... I mean VIPs) up the coast a bit while they get totally rat-arsed, stop for a pizza, and drive them back again so they can tell porkies to their mates about what a great 'sail' they've had. Dull work indeed.

On other occasions a delivery will come up; often only across to the islands or 'round the coast and it is easy to get a ferry or train home. Now though I have a transatlantic in the offing and it's got me thinking as to a skipper's footprint on deliveries: Is the transatlantic flight home part of the skipper's footprint for taking the job, or part of the boat owner's for requiring that his employee make a flight to deliver his latest toy? Either way a flight is a flight and the damage is still done, but it makes me wonder all the same.