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Jun 12 09 10:05 AM

wooooo!!..i want to learn how to do that!!  i found school for acrobatics and such out at s.p.a.c.e, but like many , can't tell if they are defunct or just don't answer.
" 'o.f.i.', i'll just do it myself."

everything grows if you let it

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Jun 13 09 3:23 PM

And finally, my latest mini "fun project". I call it "Tim's newly remodeled multi-functional aesthetically kick-ass Tiki Hut work area"

Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment
Click here to view the attachment

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Jun 13 09 6:33 PM


Behind the screen in the lower right corner of the last picture of your work area I see the head of a sledge hammer.  That is there for when all else fails, right?  LOL
Looks great.

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Jun 13 09 6:50 PM

Good eye! LOL. And thanks for the kind words.

The other good thing about my work area is that at the end of the day I just pull up a few stools, and poof, it turns into a tiki bar! (Can your x-ray vision see that cooler behind the screen? :-) I don't have to go anywhere!

When our work schedule settles down, I'll have Kurumi paint two wild-looking tiki gods on each door, maybe mount  brackets for a couple tiki torches...even thinking about installing a thatched tiki roof at the top to complete finish off my masterpiece.

If you ask Samurai wife, she'll tell you that honorable husband is kuru kuru pa! (To the first person who guesses the meaning, a beverage of your choice at the Sullivan tiki bar ;-))


A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Jun 13 09 7:29 PM

Well, if that was my Thai wife that would probably translate to husband is 'full of it' (jokingly of course!!).
I only spent 2 weeks in Japan in 1996 with a colleague from the Ministry of Agriculture going around collecting honey bees and mites, so about all I had time to learn in Japanese before I went there was some of the numbers.  The few words I did sort of learn are pretty well gone now.  I did really enjoy the time I spent there though.

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Jun 13 09 10:44 PM

You got it Chooks! Come get your drink the week after next :-)

Allen, you can still come to Tim's tiki bar but you have to bring some tasty thai dish!

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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Jun 15 09 2:43 AM

{time machine dialed back to 10 months ago. correction! you can too grow pumpkin on the island}

Bear Grylls just ate a frog on my TV. 

It struggled as he bit in, eight sticky toes suctioned to his top lip in its last futile attempt to be free, but though grimacing, Bear has omnipotent teeth. 
The guy's pretty gross, but I guess that's why he's paid the big bucks and gets the viewer ship, semi hotness plus the hairy cohones to toss beetles on his tongue and stir mouse shit into tea. 
Hey More power to him, God bless his belly. I, on the other hand, am snacking on plump delicious blueberries (HEY YOU! Pay attention! This is the cool part..) Ehem, ehem... 

that I picked myself, today! 
Fuck! My inner hunter-gatherer's feelin soo good. 

The farmer lady that rung us up wanted to buy back the berries from us, in fact, 

because: "Wow! These are really nice berries!" 

Yup, they certainly were. (Yea, you know how we do.
Deep black and blue and plump, 
and overall just amazing looking in their little plastic containers. 

I didn't go for the deal of course, because like I said, the suckers were mine. 

Plus there are memories in these berries. 

Took about an hour to collect up my two beautiful pounds. 

We wandered between the long rows swathed above in gauzy bird netting. 

I'm a city slicker more than I'll admit in person, 

I'm lost in awe of such lushness and the humanity of it. Food, growing on plants, in different stages of violet ripeness humbles me. There's something about gathering it, I'm totally addicted to the idea. 

I could live in the berry field, 
make myself a bed in the hay they pile between the furrows. 

I strolled by Tim early on in the hunt and glanced over. 

"Dude," I said shocked. "you're totally fucking up, some of those have red still!" 

I tilt my container at him, there's only a thin layer thus far, but mine are uniformly blue and small. (I've been testing, smaller is better.) 
"Ohh, you're good at this." He says. 
I shrug and take the compliment with all the weight I deserve. 
I'm amazing, this just proves it again. 
I'm generous too though. 
"Sweetie, " I say, "if we were hunting you'd be kicking my ass." 
"That's true", he agrees, wandering to another bush, "when it's time to kill a chicken, my true prowess will reveal itself." 

I grin and spying a particularly blue blazing I skip over 

two plants left 

and run my fingers under a clump 

and two perfect berries drop off willingly into my palm. 

A woman is on the other side of the bush. 

Most of the other dozen pickers out here with us are couples, or young families with children. This lady seems like she's alone. 

She's got straw colored hair to her collar 

and light blue eyes 
and she's timid, you can tell from her mannerisms. 

She's right on the opposite side of the plant and it's a great one, extra loaded, a full heavy bearer. She wants to look at me and share the coolness of us finding it, but she keeps getting shy. 

I put a smile on, wait for hers, and just keep on picking from my side. Patience. 

After a few minutes, clouds dialed down the sun

and I looked up, 

just as she stepped closer. 
Timid, twitchy. 
She moves like a deer, 
big innocent eyes fringed in thick lashes, beige tipped fingers plucking the berries hungrily from the other side of the bush, 
she rattles the branches gently, 
through the center, we touched eyes. 

I held real still. 

Can't breathe in exhilaration. 

Suddenly I'm terrified, 
terrified to scare her off, 
of seeing her go bounding away. 

( I never tell anyone about seeing this woman in the berry patch. 

Her silent wild image I keep soley for myself. ) 

* * 
I'm down another two rows and I look over. Tim is bent, intent, I smile. I love a man who can get lost in a harvest. His own smile arches his lips up. I want to know what he's thinking, 

but then again, I don't. 

* * 
I'm another three rows over, 

I've found a line of shrubs bluer than the rest. 

From far away these seem shorter in stature than the others. I guess that's why most people skip over them. 

Plain Crazy. 

All the better for me. They're stacked! 
I'm kneeling, making out like a bandit, 
and shifting over I almost set down on some dog shit, at least I think it's dog shit, It reminds me of our story, it makes me laugh. 
Eat Portar! 
Eat a methhead! Nobody will miss them! 
I hear you wail in my head, 

I see the image it makes of you freaking out in the forest, for a second I'm sad, but then in the next I'm laughing again. 
I pick the entire bunch of ripe berries I was after. 

I lift up from the shit and I leave it behind, knowing it's served its purpose. 

Sun on my shoulders 

I eat a couple of the berries in honor of all those who've been hungry. 

I eat a nice fat one for your days of starvation 
and the biggest one found in my palm- I crunch for myself- back in the day. 

Things change, it's an amazing world. 


I make my way to Tim, I've filled my container, 

I wonder how much it's all gonna cost? 

I imagine mine feels about as heavy as the cat, (the big one) 
but I've decided long before I reach him, whatever, 
I had a great time. 
Sun on my face, my fingers covered in berry dust. 

I love this idea of getting my own food, 

there's not much more time before we move to Hawaii but I still have a list of must do's for California. I must find Morells up north, 
I must pick Peaches one last time, 
I must harvest Pumpkins because I can't grow them on the islands. 
The last one is a weird thing to want, seeing as how we'll be over by October, but I want to experience the crunchy slip of the short knife through the thick stem, 
I don’t want to miss out on that. 

And I'm going to miss hand picking and digging out specimen cactus from the growing fields too.... 


hey, maybe I just like to steal stuff from nature!? 

Shit. Well this train of thought isn't making me look as good as I hoped. 

"Ooohhh! That's Disgusting!" 


Tim is paused on the couch beside me, a berry aborted en-route to his mouth, 

"Bear just ate a grub this big." He shows me. 
"Sweets," I shrug, "he does that all the time," 
"He pulled it off an Alpaca carcass." 

The blueberry is eventually demolished by Tim teeth, its antioxidants rushing like Superman fist first through his capillaries. 

He swallows. "That guy must get the best shots money can buy ya." 

"Oh," I nod, "I'm sure." 

I told you Bear was gross. Still, I kinda get him. 

It's fresh in me, this understanding. 

There's nothing as satisfying as knowing you've served your daily purpose, 

food from the Earth to the mouth, 

all else, is extra. 


Was that gratuitous or what? 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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Posts: 105

#59 [url]

Jun 16 09 1:30 PM

Oh wow Ivy, well done!
Brought back lots of berry-picking memories of my own: huckleberries up in the wild mountains of Idaho & Montana... row upon row of strawberries on our farm... an elderly neighbor's raspberries that we'd pick "on halves"... sigh...
And I love the scene with the deer-woman. I know people like that. You really captured her perfectly.
Well done indeed!

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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