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Aug 31 11 8:47 PM

I wonder if  Egyptians thousands of years after the glory years felt the same way our descendants will -- looking at the pyramids their ancestors built and wondering how the hell (and why) they did it?

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May 28 12 10:14 PM

Thanks! We're trying, and banging on all cylinders for sure. Sounding better every time we play now, gear is changing as we go. Jeff is playing my old Les Paul, and he's doing it better than I've ever done, I'm sticking to the Charvel/Jackson stuff through a Mesa Mark V. That's not on the last recording but will be on the next. Going to make a hell of a difference as my low wattage gear just didn't have the muscle or headroom to play at volume against the Fender Deluxe with the Gibson driving it. . . or Brent's aggressive drumming either.

Yup, the Mesa can keep up. LOL! What a fantastically fine piece of gear that is. Kinda considering unloading the other amps, they're pretty good for room volume with the new tubes, if any is interested. Nicer triode than pentode, for sure, which isn't real beefy for a small gig, but very good for a living room. I may just keep them as spare speakers for the Mesa.

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May 29 12 6:29 AM

Jay: If you like the Mesa you would love the Egnater!  I bought the Renegade - now I can't get it away from Jim so he is buying it from me.  It is plenty loud on the 18 watt setting - even for gigs at the bigger Seattle clubs - and you get to choose between EL 34s or 6l6s or any blend of both.  Well built - you can bias it yourself. Check it out here:

I still use my ADA preamp with the Boogie 20/20 power amp, but I am tempted to get another Egnater!

Do you guys play any gigs during our stay on the island?

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Dec 21 12 2:28 PM

A happy winter solstice to all....  Guess the world didn't end after all.  Sweet! smile  Continue on...


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