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May 10 09 7:42 PM

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Love this shit.

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May 11 09 10:25 AM

On other notes. . .LOL it is wonderful to see the growth and enthusiasm here on the forum and the continual good vibes and progress on everyone's projects. It can be pretty frustrating for a lot of us to try to keep clean while our culture and world goes through this upheaval, but for myself to watch everyone's projects here evolve and set good examples of where we need to be heading is a major positive factor in my life.

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May 11 09 1:22 PM

I'm learning lots of stuff here. Trying my best to act on the good ideas I pick up. Just gonna start simple and see where it goes.

Here's a prototype I call "Jay's mini-greenhouse on steroids". We plan to grow lots of lettuce in this once I prep the area and assemble da buggah. (Screws and rivets.) Got some ideas on how to use the arch idea for a walk-in mini-tomato greenhouse. Can't wait to do it!

I'm off to the mainland for work (not a very sustainable gig, I know). Will do my best not to catch the piggie plague. And upon my return, I promise to quarantine myself, and not socialize with any pirates until the incubation period passes.

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A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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May 11 09 1:30 PM

btw, I'll staple a screen to both end arches and probably rivet the two corrugated sheets together; one side of the sheet will be attached to one side of the box; the other side I'm thinking hooks (so the wind doesn't blow off the top), but haven't decided. Suggestions are welcome!

A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions - Confucius

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May 12 09 9:01 PM

This is gonna seem off topic to most, I already know, but hey! I'm feeling morbidhappy and the thought makes me grin. (You can handle it ;)
Know what's cool? 
When Earth {aka, whatever ramification gets us first} decides to off us humans we're gonna provide a walloping dose of fertilizer! Yup! Bone an Blood meal galore, far flung too thanks to our nifty ability to colonize almost anywhere.
 Leafy rooty nuttyness to ensue like no spring that's ever been. 
Thus, we'll pay back our debt in the end! 
Woo hoo. I love me some soil builders.
Makes me sigh with relief if I compartmentalize it. ;)
I so dig it when it all ends up fair n square in the end. 

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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May 12 09 9:13 PM

Ah, but I don't really personally want to participate so much in personal soil building just yet. . .and I'd rather not compost those I care about.

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May 12 09 9:26 PM

Well, I'm talking abstract karmic payback species wide. It makes me smile to think that our debt to those around us, the natural cycle that evolves equal to ours, flora and fauna with same rights to the minutes of life, that we rob for the idea of our individuality will to a degree be paid back by our presence. Tit for tat, not the idea but the additional ideas that makes me happy. 

Still, very sorry guys I didn't mean to offend. My bad. 

Also, an additional grin goes to the fact that there are people in the world around us who identify the insanity of societies common path and are looking at it point blank and doing what we can to alter our own ways. Maybe we wont have to be compost if we try, life and especially on this Island works within a magic equal to concrete in many ways.

Puna rain makes me feel rich!

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May 14 09 11:56 AM

If I were to stitch sustainability onto these recordings we did up in Volcano the other day, it would go something like: As much as I enjoyed thrashing my trusty Les Paul through a Marshall amp set on 11, there are some fascist qualities to the loudspeaker, among other devices, that are less sustainable for communities. Yes! A Les Paul without sustainability. Hard to imagine, but true! (Jay, think playing acoustic music as sailing without an engine! heh)

Ivan Illich mentioned as an example, the Mexican communities that typically employed several groups of acoustic musicians, and their disappearance upon the coming of the loudspeaker.

Me, I still like to plug in sometimes, but one does start to see realize the oppression of any of those folks choosing to not use such devices. (Throw automobile in there too.) And suppressing the opposition is indeed a hallmark of fascism.

Dang, mostly I wanted to gratuitously pimp me and my friends playing some music..

Is that so wrong ?

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May 14 09 12:25 PM

nice pimpage, er, music.
i've never played thru a marshall, do they only play at 11?!
i have a peavey 65w 2x12 tube hybrid, never have had it up close to as loud as it can get...and i did get a few acoustics since that purchase...
but the line 6 pod emulators are what made me really start practicing.
"...muddy waters invented 'lectricity!"
my first one was the original pod, codesigned and custom altered and programmed by and for trent reznor/'s a great piece of equipment, but i also bought a podxt-live and that really shows what 10 years of r&d will only problem with it is that the brian may setting just can't be turned's at 11 on it's own and the only way to turn it down changes the sound so much it's nothing like the brain may sound.
can't wait to make ukulele... heh...buddy blaze, trent reznor's guitar tech, lives here and was making electric "shredulele" a few years ago

everything grows if you let it

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May 14 09 5:37 PM

Sure sure sure. I expect by the time electric guitars are no longer sustainable--if we ever get there, which I expect not--the only instruments we'll be playing are the two we're born with.

Actually in remote areas where things get crazy it's the strings that are the first thing to disappear and near impossible to replace, and something we all take for granted. Stock up!

Actually, I find an electric guitar a much more sophisticated and complicated instrument to play than an acoustic, but pretty well suck at both anyhow with two busted hands. LOL There's a place for both.

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