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Jul 30 11 12:44 PM

That's nuts, and will be the end of a otherwise nice boat.

Junk Marine Science. You can't talk about the virtues of a sailing rig out of the context of the hull that the rig is mounted to, and the Alberg 37 was designed for a radically different rig in all contexts. If one really wants to go junk, that's fine. It's mostly a fetish, and that doesn't make anyone bad, I guess. It's a shame to screw up a nice old boat though. It would be nice to find something suitable to the project

I've seen at at least 2 dozen of these projects come to ruin over the years. No successes. Sure, they sail, marginally.

There's nothing inherently wrong with a junk rig. They were designed for a purpose which is handling heavy tubby boats with poor performance with a small crew. That's great in some contexts. The Bermudian rig was designed for a purpose too-- sporty handling on light displacement pleasure boats. The Gaff/Topsail cutter, a fav of mine, designed for a purpose too, mostly pilot cutters, being for the purpose of getting the maximum performance out of heavy powerful hulls--and assumes a very capable crew. That's great too. All of these excel at what they do if the purpose and context remains coherent.

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