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Nov 19 10 1:32 PM

I live on my houseboat that I built here that is about 50 miles up the Rio Hondo in Belize. I love it.

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Nov 19 10 6:02 PM

Can non-Belize folks buy land in Belize?  Do they mind outsiders?  How stable is the government?  What is the preferred language of the folks in the area?  Does it get cold winters?


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Here's your link -

It has been a few years since I check up on this but assuming no changes.

Yes, you don't have to be a citizen to buy land.
Like outsiders, they bring in money.
It is a bit of the British empire so they are modeled after that.  Still use the Privy Council.  Britain used to have some military exercises there, just to keep Guatemala on its toes.
Very diverse ethnic and languages but you are 90% good with English.  Lots of expats, some Amish/Mennonite (I think German), Gurafano (sp) blacks, oriental shop keepers (live in their own village compunds), Mexican Myans, and Guatemalan Myans (who speak different languages.)
About 80 degrees about year round.

You need to show some financial resources in order to obtain a permanent residence permit.  Somewhat less than US Social Security will do. Belize City is a hole.  San Ignacio is nice.

Don't listen to me, I'm an old fool.  Check it out yourself.

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Nov 25 10 9:35 AM

If you have $2,000 per month to deposit in a Belizean bank, residency is easy. I didn't have it so it took me about 16 months to get it. In my opinion it is the most stable of all tropcal countries. You can get here by executive bus instead of flying if you wish. It can get hot and the locals think it is really cold when it gets into the 50's. You are welcome to come rent a cabana here in San Antonio Rio Hondo, OW district. Few ex=pats live in this area though. Cayo is cooler and the islands draw the most. I live like a king on $500 per month since I buy local foods and don't owe money to anyone and there is a regular bus service here so I don't have to have a car. My email address is rarylander @ yahoo.  com. Leave the spaces out.

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Aug 23 11 11:56 AM

Hey, nice diatribe, Jay!  More accessible than usual and more upbeat, too.

I'm kinda wondering, though, if being poor these days is going to teach folks any self-reliance and how to "made do", though.  Small kid time when you went through the poor phase you learned a lot.  Seems to me the "new poor" these days just have a sense of entitlement from being poor and expect handouts because they are owed handouts by being poor.  Had a fellow explain to me last week about how getting food stamps isn't the same thing as getting "real money" from the government and therefor it's okay.

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