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Oct 31 09 7:28 PM

Oooh!  We're having baked chicken for dinner!

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Apr 20 10 9:20 AM

You have inspired my wife and I to go the "city chicken" route.  Here in Bellingham it hit a record 73 yesterday and it's finally in the high 40s at night, so our 3 pullets went outside. (Only one is visible in this picture.) The attached picture is the chicken tractor which we can move each day around the yard and garden. They seem pretty happy with it, though still to young and stupid to flap up to the perch and get into the sheltered area, so we provide a 12 pack beer box which they like when they are not scratching and feeding.  At night they go in the hen house, as we have raccoons, skunks, hawks, cats, and dogs who also would enjoy a tender chicken meal! 

Click here to view the attachment

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Jun 27 10 9:29 PM

I should think that the proceeds from six months worth of dog sitting should pay for a very fine bathtub set-up--at least that's my plan.

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Aug 2 10 1:47 AM

yup!  8 eggs are pure pekin, 6 are pure muscovy (so they'll pop out next week).  Good to know about duck imports!  

I've been eating at least 6 eggs a day, so I need more ducks to support my habit :)  Hard boiled with a mayo/poupon/sweet pickle juice sauce - easy and tasty! The ducks are also doing a great, FREE job of fertilizing everything and trimming the grass that's (finally) coming in.  

I will definitely keep the pekin babies. Will probably sell the muscovy babies (a friend can get me laying muscovies for free, so why wait/feed the babies until they lay).  I'm hoping to always have one gal broody on a clutch, so I can pick up a few bucks each month from duckling sales or trade.

 Thank goodness I have low cholesterol to start...we'll see how long that lasts with my egg addiction.

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